Texas + Universities = GUNS

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:13PM

College students in Texas may be permitted to bear arms on campus, making it the country’s second state, after Utah, to approve such measures .

More than half of the state’s House approved a measure that allows college students to openly carry guns, AP reported.

The Senate had passed a similar bill back in 2009 and is expected to pass the recent measure as well.

The issue has stirred various reactions due to Texas’s gun culture and the state’s vast size. The state has 38 public universities and over 500,000 students.

University of Texas President William Powers has voiced his opposition to the measure while Texan Governor Rick Perry has announced his support for the bill.

Supporters of the legislature argue that fatal incidents involving guns such as the University of Texas sniper incident, the Virginia Tech shootings, and the Northern Illinois incident, point to the need for openly bear arms by students and professors.

Their argument also holds that shooters are less likely to open fire in areas where the population is armed.

Dozens of states have been introduced to the bill. States such as Oklahoma have held strong opposition, whereas Colorado has left the decision of bearing arms up to individual campuses.

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