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..commentary :
My work took me pretty close to my brother’s home in the great state of Texas.  Gas prices being what they are, I didn’t pass up the opportunity [he even offered gas cash], having rare occasions to see him in the flesh.  We had a couple of days of “brothers catching up”, sightseeing, bar-b-que, and fellowship.
The NCAA was not meeting our standards, I threw “museum texas” into StartPage and found the AMERICAN FREEDOM MUSEUM – BULLARD, TX.

Brook Hill School

Situated within the halls of The Brook Hill School, the museum extends out of the original Brook Hill School building as a symbol of the strength and morality that has been nurtured at this site.  The architecture is naturally luring as you walk to the front doors lying beneath the semi-monolithic domed entry.  When one looks at the entire site it is seen as an extension of learning …evolving into intellectual strength.  This type of high school environ is hard to find these days….
[tho, I am sure that my 10 and 12 year old girls wouldn’t be very happy if Daddy came home saying, “Well HI there my sweet little ones, Guess where you will be going to high school!!” ….but then again, when the time comes, who knows?].
We drove casually as he cited what happened here and there, who lived where, a grand tour guide indeed.  We arrived at the museum, …my brother was impressed.  Back in the 60s…drafted at the height of his academic awakening, toured VietNam as a Lieutenant Huey Pilot, Siver Star.  He was surprised he had not known of this physical tribute to learning and Freedom.  

Hall of Presidents

A special gallery in the Museum features a document signed by every President of the United States.

Hall of America Freedom

Be transported back in time as you journey from the battlefields of the American Revolution all the way to the sands of Iraq.

Impressive exhibits, original pieces of historic GOLD….in the form of tools for chiseling Freedom into this world of extortion, greed, murder, and deception.  I watched as my brother examined and glazed into thought.  Our appreciation of the museum was very evident in our actions and contemplative mood.  We spent the afternoon there.  The young man, late teens, who’s position it was to greet and log visitors, stood 6′ alert and receptive.  He was a senior at Brook Hill and answered all our questions to the “T”.  My brother walked away from the building, I stood with the young man just inside the doorway enjoying the sun’s rays and the exciting conversation with a young man that added to my optimism of our future.  I told him, “..there goes a man who knows more about the cost of Freedom than does 90% of America.  …down in 3 choppers, into places we were “never in”, sacrifice beyond, …he doesn’t talk much about it, so neither will I.  The young man shared his history of many generations of his family attending Brook Hill.  They all went on to serve America by wearing its uniform and serving with honor.
We drove away, impressed, memories surfaced, beautiful sunny day, kinda melancholy as we both knew that the cost of Freedom is within the hearts and minds of men.

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