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In a world where nobody seems to be telling the truth anymore we are often left with more questions than answers.  Instead of just telling us the facts, everything seems to be about getting “the spin” right these days.  For example, the Osama Bin Laden “death story” has already been changed by the White House multiple times.  Fake Osama Bin Laden death photos (like the one above) have been flying all over the Internet.  Massive amounts of radiation continues to pour out of the Fukushima nuclear complex in Japan and yet all the authorities continue to insist that it is nothing to worry about.  The global economy is teetering on the brink of disaster and yet it is being called “an economic recovery”.  The U.S. government has essentially already reached the debt ceiling and yet now Timothy Geithner is claiming that it won’t be a problem until August.  The world is becoming a more bizarre place with each passing week, and the lies just keep on getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  
The following are 31 interesting questions about some of the major events happening in our world right now…. 

#1 CNN is reporting that the clearest death picture of Osama Bin Laden “is so gruesome and mangled” that authorities believe it is not appropriate for the public.  But the truth is that Hollywood movies show much worse every single day.  What possible justification could there possibly be for not showing us all the video and all the pictures that they say that they have?
#2 The U.S. government claims that it buried Osama Bin Laden at sea because it wanted to observe “Islamic law”.  Well, it turns out that Islamic law actually requires burial in the ground if at all possible.  So why was there such a rush to dump Osama Bin Laden into the ocean?

#5 Why did silver suddenly start dropping like a rock just when it was about to hit 50 dollars an ounce?
#6 Why is the Federal Reserve giving member banks an interest rate that is eight times higher than the market rate on deposits that member banks leave with the Federal Reserve?
#7 Why has Barney Frank introduced legislation that would remove the presidents of the regional Federal Reserve banks from the Federal Open Market Committee?
#8 If Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa is saying that the economic outlook for Japan is “very severe“, then why is almost everyone in the western media continuing to tell us that the Japanese economy is going to be just fine?

#13 Why is one public school in Chicago banning kids from bringing lunches to school and forcing them to eat whatever the school cafeteria serves?
#14 Should we be alarmed that three Christians were recently arrested for reading the Bible in public outside of a DMV in California?
#17 Why is Social Security phasing out paper checks and beginning to require everyone to receive their benefits by direct deposit?

#24 Why are we seeing so many restaurant brawls and so many random acts of violence lately?
#25 Shouldn’t we be concerned that the area along our border with Mexico is now one of the most dangerous places on earth?
#26 What does it say about America when the murder rate in Flint, Michigan is worse than the murder rate in Baghdad?
#27 What does it say about America when a poll finds that 70 percent of Americans believe that the country is going in the wrong direction?
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