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With the growing movement to end the Federal Reserve, many are talking about it but one man is doing something about it. Eric Raue is inviting other GCN listeners to join him in peaceful protest, and he is kicking it off on Independence Day, the 4th of July, 2011.

Starting on July 4th, at 1:00 p.m. EST, an extended protest event will begin in New Paltz, New York, on the fenced green just over the bridge on Main Street. Raue says the event will last 24/7 until November 1st, or until his goal is met: the abolition of the Federal Reserve System. The target of the protest is not only the Federal Reserve, but also its pervasive role in modern U.S. government.
Raue writes, “This ‘mutant government’, getting stronger every day while the average Westerner sits and watches, is a network of corporate and banking institutions as much as it is a political system.”

To gain insight into the perceptive ‘Infowarrior’ mind of Raue, considering what he wrote for comments at The Huntington Patch following the announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden:

“At best, this is a political event that will be exploited to step up surveillance and the erosion of civil liberties here at home as we’re injected with “retaliation fear.” It will also be used to justify expanding and accelerating our wars in the Middle East. If we’re celebrating death, even the death of an evil man, aren’t we putting ourselves on the same level as the brutal ‘Islamofascist’ terrorists whose ideologies we’re supposedly battling? The people celebrating in NYC and DC looked just like the Arab mobs who were documented celebrating on 9/11. When we celebrate death, destruction, and the military-industrial complex, we’re supporting terrorism.”

Raue will set up an 8′ x 12′ platform on the edge of downtown New Paltz, on the green at the start of Main Street, just over the bridge. He says, “I will not leave the platform until The Fed is abolished, or the 120-day period has ended. By becoming a fixture in that spot for an extended period of time, I hope to inspire [others].”

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