In The Belly of The Beast: Alex Jones Wins Over Mainstream Colleagues

It’s still the buzz of the talk radio industry: the passionate keynote speech delivered by Alex Jones at the TALKERS convention on June 11th. In front of the mainstream media, on their hallowed turf, GCN radio superstar and anti-establishment thorn Alex Jones blasted the status quo and raised a call to arms to renew a sense of responsibility to the truth on the part of talk radio.
  •  Although he did include the basic tenets of his ongoing warning against what he terms global social engineers’ conspiracy to gain control over the population’s (and talk radio’s) freedom via the internet and how he effectively taps into the public’s growing backlash against this, he also predicted a rapid acceleration of the technological and social changes impacting our society and discussed talk radio’s unique and powerful position as both an old and new medium in the coming era.
GCN talk host Ben Fuchs (“The Bright Side”) was there. He says Jones’ gutsy message was very well-received. “Alex walked into the belly of the beast. He was down the street from FOX News, he was down the street from ABC News, down the street from NBC News, and these are all people who represent what Alex stands up against.”

Fuchs says it was Jones’ trademark no-holds-barred delivery that won over the mainstream media people.

“These were his fellow communicators, and they were validating his style. They were appreciative of his idiosyncratic, unique way of presenting a message.

We all listen to Alex as listeners, but they were listening to Alex as colleagues and fellow communicators, and they were impressed. To me, it doesn’t get any more validating than that.”

While at the convention, Alex Jones became quick buddies with actor and talk radio host Stephen Baldwin, whose right-leaning yet independent views differ vastly from his famous brother Alec.
Ben Fuchs says the event was a watershed for Alex Jones and GCN because this audience was comprised of fellow industry people who themselves specialize in the art of speaking. “Most people communicate just by default. There’s no consciousness behind their communication; there’s no awareness of their communication process. But these were people who understood the actual technique.”

TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison summed up the occasion eloquently: “It was about the power of truth as an attraction unto itself – whatever that truth might be.”

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