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Prince William seeks TRUTH!

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Must-see Earthquake real-time data

Please, take note:

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Cryptome founder John Young

For those of you who have never seen :it is simply a website which is nothing but documents, photos, etc. which are acquired via the FOIA. It has been around since the 90’s, yes the early www days. You … Continue reading

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Is our Fed Notes money, or is Gold money?

Ron Paul announced today that he was ending his 23+ year Congressional career, to focus on his run for the presidency and his Campaign for Liberty foundation.  I feel that this is a great move.  As more Americans hear the … Continue reading

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Foodie Whore: Possessing Passion

Foodie Whore: Possessing Passion

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US has highest child [under 4] HOMICIDE rate in the World

This story is NOT about Casey Anthony, but rather about the facts of America having the highest death rate in the WORLD …for children under 4 yrs old.  This fact is totally unacceptable and as a nation we should be … Continue reading

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Popular Mechanics Flying Circus

…gotta love this one.

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….from Off the Grid News

FDA Set to Kill Nutritional Supplement Industry  Jul 12th, 2011 | By Mike | Category: Health, Top Headlines | Print This Article There is a lot of anti-government rhetoric pouring forth from a variety of sources these days. But the … Continue reading

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Steve Quayle – Angels / Bible

…again, open your mind, this Coast to Coast AM show opens ideas from a Christian perspective upon a subject that is normally taboo in mainstream religion….

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Our Natural Planet

…to survive, we MUST eliminate demagoguery NOW!!

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Core of Corruption

The 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is upon us….. and we have now evidence of an abundance of cover-up.  This documentary was awarded the Best Documentary of the Year by the American International Film Festival.  The film reveals the … Continue reading

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Peace thru kindness…

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Even PBS sees beyond the "rubble"

  This post is under scrutiny by this blog…..although it seems to plainly state where TRUTH stands….

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…just like Gary Sinise does.research this cause… and you too will see what ONE MAN CAN DO!

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