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FDA Set to Kill Nutritional Supplement Industry 

Jul 12th, 2011 | By Mike | Category: Health, Top Headlines | Print This Article
There is a lot of anti-government rhetoric pouring forth from a variety of sources these days. But the truth is that people are literally beating a dead horse here. For those who study the question closely, it has become more and more apparent that what passes for “government” in today’s world is really just a front for a command-and-control system that runs things from a much deeper level. Peel back the layers of the onion, and what you discover is that money and power are the exclusive forces that rule this country, with government acting as their willing servants.
It is this model that best explains the Food and Drug Administration’s endless long war against nutritional and dietary supplements – and now this war is about to be taken to a whole new level. The legal drug industry, otherwise known as the pharmaceutical companies, have apparently decided the time is right to eliminate the one threat to their obscene profit margins that still remains. With the hands and strings of their puppet masters clearly in sight, the FDA has issued new regulations that will give it god-like powers to regulate the supplement industry all but out of existence.

The FDA’s Long Gambit

Back in 1994, when the FDA’s war on the nutritional supplement industry was going full force, Congress responded to public pressure by passing the Dietary Supplemental Health and Education Act. This law was designed to get the FDA off of the backs of the nutritional supplement industry, but it did contain a provision that required supplement manufacturers to notify the FDA whenever they added a new ingredient to an existing supplement or created a whole new product out of these new ingredients.

Probably because this provision seemed toothless from the perspective of the FDA, they basically ignored it for 17 years. When Congress passed the Food Safety Bill in 2010, however, this new law mandated the FDA to finally set written standards for NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) notifications. Given its apparent indifference up to this point, one might have expected the FDA to do little. But now, it appears that FDA bureaucrats and their pharmaceutical controllers had actually been playing possum for all of these years. On July 1st, just before the government recessed for the holiday, the FDA issued its new standards for NDI notification – and in doing so, it revealed its true agenda for all to see.

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