Is our Fed Notes money, or is Gold money?

Ron Paul announced today that he was ending his 23+ year Congressional career, to focus on his run for the presidency and his Campaign for Liberty foundation.  I feel that this is a great move.  As more Americans hear the double-speak coming out of the Beltway, we are gaining the knowledge that allows us to understand that the political scene in our country is full of pretentious disinformation.  We understand that it is time for sound debate, sound logic, sound conclusions.  We understand that it is time for complete reformation of our political climate.  We are living in historic, epic times that will cause citizens, 30-50 years from now to ask the old ones…..what did you do during the revolution that brought us back to Common Sense ?
Today, Ron Paul, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, asks some very important questions of Mr. Bernanke…..and Bernanke gave answers that we can ALL see and hear are truly not the answers we would have expected.  Listen as Bernanke fumbles for his words which are nothing but more double-speak.
I feel we are now going to see a more intense and deliberate side of Dr Paul in the months to come.  It is time for REAL change, time for Ron Paul in 2012.

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