Cryptome releases Abbottabad pics from Reuters

Great independent journalism by Cryptome, follow the link, reports below.

Funding Nicholas Schmidle

Financial sponsors of Nicholas Schmidle, Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA — founded in 1932) and New America Foundation (NAF — founded in 1998), both DC-based, are among the dozens, perhaps hudnreds, of non-profits involved in international and domestic affairs who fund scholars, researchers, journalists and writers to travel and report.

just who is ICWA: ICWA Tax Report 09, ICWA Tax Report 08, ICWA Tax Report 07, NAF Tax Report 09, NAF Tax Report 08, NAF Tax Report 07

Schmidle is an interesting person. He did exceptional reporting from Pakistan while being funded by ICWA, visited some of the most dangerous areas of the country, and was booted by Pakistan in early 2008 for unexplained reasons.

From the ICWA Tax Report 08:


Schmidle, now a fellow at NAF, from the NAF Tax Report 09:

Official drawings of bin Laden compound in Abbottabad.

[PlanetPrisoner asks: “Why is a Pakistani house plans drawn for permitting done in English??  &  Notice the owner’s signature: Who did he sell the home to / who is he?  So many other questions that could be answered by true MSM journalists.]

right click image to view larger image:

Remains of rotor section of stealth chopper downed at compound

More Reuters pictures are shown here. [ALERT:graphic images of Pakistani killed in compound ]


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