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It is the opinion of this blog that the time has come to   It is incumbent upon Americans to draw a line in the sand, a definite line, research the legislators in your state.  ALL who have EVER voted in favor of ANY issues that lie outside of the boundaries of our Constitution should be removed from office as soon as possible.  Call their offices, demand and inform them that they either commit to following the Constitution as a basis for their decisions OR you and your like-minded constituents shall be certain to vote them out. Look into the full voting record of all candidates, find those who have been consistent, your short list will be shorter than you realize.  …one candidate stands ABOVE ALL – RON PAUL 2012.


It is repugnant for Americans to allow our legislators to disavow the Law of the Land- the Constitution.  It is also repugnant for we as citizens to allow those not following the Constitution to stay in office.  The days of voting for a “pretty” candidate, a “talking head”, or a candidate that seems to be “electable” must be put into the past.  The mindset of “he isn’t electable” has gotten us into the mess that we are experiencing now.  Change comes from precisely that -CHANGE.  When one continues with the same pattern of action or thought, while expecting a different end result is purely a symptom of insanity.




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