Iowa has Spoken !

Iowa Straw Poll: Ron Paul within 1% of 1st!

Congratulations to Michele Bachmann

Video of Ron Paul’s speech at 1:15pm CT

  1. 28.56% (4823 votes) – Michele Bachmann
  2. 27.65% (4671 votes) – Ron Paul
  3. 13.57% (2293 votes) – Tim Pawlenty
  4. 9.81% (1657 votes) – Rick Santorum
  5. 8.62% (1456 votes) – Herman Cain
  6. 4.25% (718 votes) – Rick Perry (write-in)
  7. 3.36% (567 votes) – Mitt Romney
  8. 2.28% (385 votes) – Newt Gingrich
  9. 0.41% (69 votes) – Jon Huntsman
  10. 0.21% (35 votes) – Thaddeus McCotter

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won the Iowa Straw Poll this evening, carrying 4823 votes out of the 16,892 cast or 29% of the total. She was followed by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) with 28% and Fmr. Gov. Tim Pawlenty with 14%.

Rep. Bachmann was one of the six candidates who spoke to voters on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames. Other candidates included Herman Cain, Thaddeus McCotter, and Rick Santorum.  Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney also appeared on the ballot but did not speak at today’s event.

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