…the Banksters’ booty.!

The trillions of dollars involved in the bailout scheme of the Fed is gone and lost forever from the American taxpayer…except for the interest payment. It is very hard to get a true picture of the impact on our economy other than looking at the numbers themselves.

During the most recent Presidential debate, Ron Paul put it into a great perspective when he noted that the bailout equated to over $16,000 for every American citizen. There seems to be no outcry from our citizens since he made that remark.  Are we numb to these facts?  Has this been going on for so long now, and deception so rampant, that this fact just doesn’t affect us?  If this is true, the globalists are achieving their goal and if this is true, it disturbs me.

The banksters’ booty is taking a tremendous toll on our country that doesn’t seem to be registering with many citizens partly because sheeple just keep watching the bling advertisements and listening to the government’s latest propaganda. Figures for commercial property foreclosures are hard to find as we are just moving into this area of economic disaster.  The stats for residential properties is another story.   Using 2010 census data as a base, there are 2.826 million homes currently in foreclosure… or 1 in 46 homes in America is currently under foreclosure proceedings.  Individual City stats are: Miami, FL: 1 in 14, Cape Coral, Fl: 1 in 12, Las Vegas, NV: 1 in 9, Vallejo, CA: 1 in 16, Reno, NV: 1 in 16, Boise, ID: 1 in 21….just to name a few.  Here are some visual images depicting foreclosures (in process only, does not include already foreclosed properties!) in cities across the country.  This gives a more impressioned view of the impact of the looting that has occurred. 

Wake UP! Left click on an image for larger view, slideshow is below images.

“Ipsa scientia potestas est”

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