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Chemtrails Update…Nashville

I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning, temp around 64F…. a perfect September morning.  I checked my email for my work assignment, checked my websites as usual, showered, made my morning cup of java flavored with honey and cinnamon, dressed … Continue reading

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Ronald Ernest Paul

Decades / centuries from now, citizens of Earth shall study the rise of Liberty beginning with the movement of the masses from Europe flowing into the new land designated as America. They shall study of how this movement initially grew … Continue reading

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The Lost Generation…

Young Citizens Under 30 are Mad-as-Hell.  They have a right to be. from Dr Coldwell September 27, 2011 Millions upon millions of young Americans have completely lost faith in the U.S. economy and are mad as hell that their economic … Continue reading

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Dr. Leonard Coldwell- FED running presses

I couldn’t have put this any better. Here is a GREAT article by Dr. Leonard Coldwell.  This is all the more reason to respect the fact that Ron Paul has worked for over 30 years to finally get an audit … Continue reading

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Ron Paul- Mutually Assured RESPECT vs Destruction

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It truly amazes me that our population is so hung up in their daily rat race that the most obvious crimes against humanity go unnoticed. Mercury in the vaccines, fluoride in public water, aspartame in most all chewing gum, high … Continue reading

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Middle East business “eye”

Keeping track of the Middle East: Tuesday 13 September   Energy, Oil and Gas added in the last 7 days Iraq mulls auction for Nassiriya oilfield Emarat plans to buy 84,000 tonnes of gasoline Kuwait to close refinery unit until … Continue reading

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RonPaul2012 dot com

We ALL mean it when we say…”WAKE SOME PEOPLE UP!” Again, thank you Silver Shield. We have over 13 months until the 2012 election. I don’t mean to dwell on that matter but it is, I feel, the most important … Continue reading

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911 Lingers On

Cryptome has 9 other photos from around the world in MEMORIAL [not anniversary!] of that fateful Tuesday of September 2001. see them here:

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GOP Sept 7 debate Poll- Perry’s a THUG  Don’t let MainStream TV-Radio-Newspaper talking heads suck your brain into their “talking points”!  Think independent news only, check all sources, follow the $$ trail. Ron Paul 54.6% (98,806 votes) Mitt Romney 15.5% (28,117 votes) Rick Perry 13.1% (23,654 votes) … Continue reading

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REUTERS: US demands Credit Suisse release accounts

…some of us may find this pretty useful: By Emma Thomasson ZURICH | Sun Sep 4, 2011 6:48am EDT (Reuters) – The United States has written to Switzerland to demand it hands over detailed information this week on its citizens … Continue reading

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Headlines -across the Globe

National USA:  Lt Gov Ramsey Use of State Email For Political Purposes ‘Unintentional’ When Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey proclaimed his support for Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican presidential contest Wednesday, the news release announcement was sent through the … Continue reading

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…does the world see a Republic of Fools?

The authentication of the quote below has been unsuccessfully attempted by many, you are welcome to try.  The quote has been passing around the internet and seen on conservative and progressive sites in equal numbers.  The importance of knowing how … Continue reading

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Wake UP!.. Wake some people up!!

first things first….you might want to listen to this station of Classic Rock while reading and clicking to the many links of information contained in the PlanetPrisoner Viewpoint and article below: 105.9- Nashville EXCELLENT ARTICLE below shared by Citizen Doctor … Continue reading

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