GOP Sept 7 debate Poll- Perry’s a THUG  Don’t let MainStream TV-Radio-Newspaper talking heads suck your brain into their “talking points”!  Think independent news only, check all sources, follow the $$ trail.

Ron Paul
(98,806 votes)
Mitt Romney
(28,117 votes)
Rick Perry
(23,654 votes)
Jon Huntsman
(11,718 votes)
Newt Gingrich
(7,803 votes)
Herman Cain
(5,650 votes)
Michele Bachmann
(3,523 votes)
Rick Santorum
(1,731 votes)


here is Perry giving a Texas State Trooper some of his “attitude”.  Just what America needs… hothead, condescending, snap-to-judgement, lying (TX Utilities), murdering (Gardasil), NWO (Bilderberg) shill.

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