EXCELLENT ARTICLE, SILVER SHIELD…..http://dont-tread-on.me/screw-the-prius-look-at-this/
Jack Nicholson’s Hydro-car concept….as with most others….has been basically outlawed by FED regulations.
I want to submit to our readers how I cope with getting the MOST out of my tank. I must say that I live in a county of Tennessee that requires a yearly inspection. Each year I must disconnect my “system” and run about 50 miles in order to allow my engine to accumulate the “minimum” amount of pollutants that is required by the inspection procedure.
When I first installed the system below, the inspection station stated to me…..”I don’t understand what the problem is….your car is emitting NO pollutants! BUT, as you can see from this chart, your emissions must fall within this range.” … [He showed me the chart which actually revealed that there were a certain amount of “required” pollutants” in order to pass inspection] ….So for now, each year, I disconnect my system for one day prior to getting my 2002 Grand Marquis LS inspected, drive my daily 50-75 miles for work purposes, in order to “pollute” within the minimum range “required”, is the system clueless or what!…
By the way, other than on that day, I achieve about an 80% increase in MPG. My oil is always clean, and when I stop at a stop light you cannot hear or feel the engine running.
…Anyway, the HHO technology is REAL and it works. I always make a point to open my hood at gas fill-ups and “tinker” with the system. Inevitably, someone comes over and asks “What is that?”. …so I spread the technology around, and also sell and install systems when asked to do so, as do many others who use this simple system.
Enjoy the photos of a very simplified system, using only Mason Jars, brass fittings for a pre-heater, a couple of O2 sensor modifications, a MAP sensor [to fool the car’s computer], distilled water, baking soda, and a simple 10 gauge cord.

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3 Responses to HHO- IS

  1. Joe says:

    is there a certain kit you use to accomplish this? How difficult is it to install?

    • …well, Joe, you can buy many assorted kits on the internet if you like…OR I can sell you an eBook that is filled with this technology. VERY SIMPLE system. Mason jars, tubes, wire, some nuts and bolts and good ole American ingenuity.
      My eBook will tell you everything you need to know….and then some. Water is a miracle liquid and when one learns the science of the wonderful things that can be done with it there are all kinds of benefits of breaking down the hydrogen and oxygen that are within it. Let me know if you want the eBook. just $50, around 300 pages of which only about 40 are devoted to the auto system. The rest is an educational tool for learning what else you can do with water and the history of the science.
      …yes, I increased the mileage by over 80% in my 2002 Grand Marquis by simply using some jars, some wire, some tubing, 48″ of high grade stainless steel, distilled water, baking soda and about 3 hours to install myself.
      RON PAUL 2012

      • Joe says:

        I’ll likely buy the book if you can satisfy a couple curiosities. I think this would be a good part of my shtf preps if it actually works. Will it work with any car/truck? I have a ’98 chevy S10…. Also, about what is the cost to build the HHO kit with your ebook? Does it take special knowledge to create and install the system, aside from the instructions in the book?

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