40 Members of Congress Protest ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

40 members of Congress have sent an urgent letter to House and Senate Armed Services Committee leaders protesting provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act that would legalize indefinite detention of American citizens without trial, as the revised version of the bill heads for a final vote on Thursday.NDAA -Indefinite Detention Bill

“The Senate-passed version of the NDAA, S. 1867, contains Section 1031, which authorizes indefinite military detention of suspected terrorists without protecting U.S. citizens’ right to trial. We are deeply concerned that this provision could undermine the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth amendment rights of U.S. citizens who might be subjects of detention or prosecution by the military,” states the letter.

Members of US House and Senate Armed Services Committees drafted a final version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Monday. The legislation, which allocates funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, also includes “counter-terrorism” provisions which would allow the military to detain anyone on US soil indefinitely, without needing to guarantee a trial.

The final NDAA version was drafted out of the public eye after the House voted overwhelmingly last weekto “close portions of conference”.

The House and Senate will both vote on the finalized legislation. It appears likely to pass both chambers; the House approved an old version of NDAA in May with 322 supports and 96 opposes, and the Senate on December 1 by a 93–7 margin. The bill would then be pushed to the Oval Office for approval by the President.

The Senate passed its version of the NDAA on December 1.

Senator Carl Levin from Michigan, who unveiled the bill on Monday night, said, “I very strongly believe it should satisfy the [Obama] administration.” Levin, as well as Arizonan Senator John McCain, were the bill’s two cosponsors.

The White House had earlier warned that Obama may veto the bill. Administration officials said on Tuesday that they were reviewing the legislation.

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