False Flag in Hormuz ?

Great blog by Country Codger today. Worth the read, in fact, ANYTHING that Codger writes is worth the read!

My J.O.B. takes me to various parts of the country while installing fixtures in major retail chains…Kmart, Sears, Office Depot, Office Max, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Target, Lowe’s….you get the picture.  I have noticed that most of the managers of these stores are becoming aware of the fact that their corporate heads are not carrying on business as usual.  Increase in “shrink”, replacing displays sooner than usual, building displays out of season, and of course..slashing prices.  I determine from these facts that these global companies feel the same thing that we do, the bovine excrement is knee deep and about to Hit the Fan!  It is now an all out effort to get rid of as much of the Chinese crap as possible while the getting is good.  I also notice that most of the consumers in these stores seem to be the same as the 48% who are receiving a monthly government check, if ya know what I mean.  Over 90% of the managers I speak with are talking the same talk I am, regarding silver, food storage, guns, Ron Paul and sheeple.

TEOTWAWKI seems to be approaching at an accelerating pace.  NOTHING can be believed on MSM [so what’s new].  In fact, as we all know that the MSM is blatantly spreading the disinformation.

India is bartering gold to purchase Iranian oil as a result of the embargo China and Japan have been in agreement since Christmas to use only their currencies for trades.  Folks face it, the dollar is already kaput!  SOPA and PIPA have been tabled [until Barry Soetoro decides to enforce a Prez Directive].  ACTA was put into place in October 2010 and just waiting to be enforced.  The NDAA is one of the most treasonous actions in current history.  Georgia court may call the Prez in contempt of court for not appearing last week at a hearing over citizenship.    TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION!!

Be sure to read Codger’s blogI also want to share my little secret of where to find silver under spot about 100% of the time. ….but I don’t want to state where that is on my blog just yet.  For all of you who really care, simply email me with “where’s the silver” in the

USS Enterprise

subject line and I will share this “hidden in plain sight” location with you.  That address is PlanetPrisoner [at] gmail [dot] com.  Now I shall repost the video that Cunning Linguist shared with Country Codger.

God Bless All in your diligence and preparations.  My prayers are with Ron Paul and all others in our open, steady course towards Liberty and Freedom for our country.

AND NOW…Could we see a False Flag in Hormuz?

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