…precisely on all points, with an accent on “I will not defecate on their courage, sacrifice and memory by running.”. Our numbers alone are against them. Networking our resources will be the main priority after collapse. I don’t need to tell you of the marvel of resources that lovers of Liberty and Freedom possess, all across the country. That fact supports our psychological effect upon the globalists.
…do I get the feeling that we are down to 1 minute before midnight??


Codgerville (Home of the Country Codger)

(I originally published this article on December 5th, 2011 on the Don’t tread on me website but the question keeps coming up so I will repost it here.) 

Me and the little mouse in the picture have one thing in common, I don’t intend to give up. Maybe I won’t solve all the world’s problems, free mankind from the shackles of Debt Structured Bondage, find a Real cure for warts or anything else profound.

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