Common Sense…..

Imagine if common sense was prevalent in our world today….

Tornado devastation across Illinois and Kentucky, and NO word as yet from our fabulous FEMA!!??!!  Shootings at high schools, and we put a $50,000 bond on an 11 year old youth involved, do not even attempt to pursue the guardian or parent!!??!!  Atlanta sues the President over identity proof…and he doesn’t even have the respect to appear in rebuttal!!??!!  $750,000…for a sports field in Guantanamo!!??!!  Our soldiers support a constitutionalist presidential candidate with TWICE more dollars than ALL candidates put together (including Barry Soetoro) and America doesn’t understand why!!??!!  We are sending more millions to Georgia for “humanitarian aid” only to find that 70% goes to funding their military  police state!!??!!  Oil prices fall / gas prices rise!!??!!  LA transporting a “rock” on a 200 foot long trailer, to relocate it in a museum!!??!!  …messed-up, eh?

Sorry, but I have to get some rest, it IS only Wednesday, ya know.  I will try to blog more on this subject later in the week, I am kinda tired from shuffling Chinese goods for the last few days………..maybe in the meantime, ….I can dream………dream…

of a way to skim dollars out of the Bankers’ pockets via their own mechanisms.. 
of a way to capture their profit dollars before they can even get their hands on it!…
of a way to skim it in order to provide capital…
capital which could actually feed those who are destitute tonite in Illinois…
or for capital to provide stores for the inevitable coming collapse…
or for capital to provide dollars for the teachers who spend $40+/month on average for materials and supplies for their students…
or capital to provide for our senior citizens who are without heat this winter….
or capital to provide in filling the shelves in our Nation’s food banks….
or capital to help prevent a Christian pastor from being executed in an Islamic land….
…or maybe dream of actually finding some people who recognize simple COMMON SENSE.

Give me some time….. just MAYBE.. People will recognize COMMON SENSE!  – later.

here: I’ll let John Stossel tell you of more lack of COMMON SENSE in America today-


May your relationship with God keep you safe and help you recognize COMMON SENSE.

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Christian, Patriot, Father, MacGyver, Pilot, Architect, Entrepreneur
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