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…this is a repost of mine from October 2011.  Seems pretty fitting now to repeat it. Enjoy!  -PlanetPrisoner

Country always-you tell it like it is……or as it looks pretty well to be, my friend.

Your article is precisely on point in your descriptions of how the “groups” must operate and how the population will break down in the beginnings of the fall. One can tell that you walk the walk. You are truly valuable to many.

I agree with most all of what Codger shares with us, with just an added bit of optimism. I am of the opinion [and mine stinks just as much or as little as his], and maybe I am a bit too optimistic here, that we have a large number of patriots in VERY high places who [when the excrement hits the oscillator] will show their TRUE COLORS and join with the ranks of those of us who have been talking the talk and walking the walk for many years. That being said, I see a stronger resistance occurring as we get closer to the breakdown. I see that the time will come when many independent owners of natural gas wells, coal mines, water plants, food production facilities, equipment maintenance companies, and many other independent infrastructure systems will see readily that the system is about to blow like a pressure cooker of green beans with the p-valve closed sitting on a gas stove burner turned to HIGH.

The collapse may happen by phasing itself in over a period of weeks or even months which will allow time for those of us in the right to merge our resources and prepare for invading globalists.I don’t think that the marauding, desperate idiots will cause too much chaos internally [except of course in large urban areas, and we already know enough to be getting out of those areas]. These murdering

Tony Blair's infamous Iraq War photo....shows the insanity of a globalist's mind.

looters will kill each other off and don’t have the balls to tread too far out of their comfortable concrete jungles as they know we just don’t and won’t put up with their crap, at all…

Short of an EMP or solar event or quake, time will allow for the Large Independent Business Owning Patriots to receive and even seek out those of us like Country Codger who have prepared internally. These businesses, for now, are seriously focusing on keeping their 10’s and 100’s of employees working and their goods and services in the marketplace. They already know all about the collapse but also have an investment in their “brick and mortar” and years of business building and networks of like-minded Patriots just trying to tread water in the last decade or more of fighting with the FED regulations and mega-corporations who have been elbowing them out of business. These types of private, valuable businesses are located all over our country. The implosion will cause these businesses to realize that their capitalistic environment is now shot to hell and shall have no other recourse than to join forces with others who wish to save our America. Those who don’t follow this mindset will simply step aside and watch, waiting until it is safe- or begin looting and getting shot!

We have medical professionals who know and practice homeopathy, teachers who teach the classical style of education, pilots of experimental aircraft, farmers with acres of productive land, short-wave networks already in place, neighbors who have enough firearms to arm themselves and other who have none. We MUST NOT discount the resilience of the TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT. For one example, we have hundreds of independent concrete structure companies who have hundreds of precast 10’x10′ sections of 8″ thick concrete culverts that can be scattered and readied into bunkers VERY quickly. Right here in Tennessee we have one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world. In fact, Barrett Rifles [a private company]are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military and more than 50 American allied countries across the world.

Barrett- Murfreesboro, TN

Barrett- Murfreesboro, TN

Desert Shield and Desert Storm were supplied with a significant number of their Model 82A1 rifles and Sweden also purchased the weapon for their military. The company invented the very first shoulder-fired 50 cal in 1982. In fact there are private companies of almost any needed resource located all over our great countryside. I have spoken personally with some insiders who have said that there would be no problem with arming the locals immediately upon an occupational situation.

There won’t be any iPods or Twitting or afternoon movies or Dancing with the Stars but I guaran-damn-tee there will be some SERIOUS skilled rational people coming out of the woodworks when the real threat is viably recognized. No, I don’t think that your debit cards will be working and maybe only those with Faraday cages will be driving or listening for shortwave. I would even bet that some of the Kmart, Target, Publix, Kroger, Lowe’s and even Wal*Mart distribution center managers would simply start doling out supplies from their locations when they know that the gig is up. We must remember that the problems occurring are caused only by the few at the top of the chain. Those at the top of the chain are not located at the thousands of outlets of their global stores, they are located scattered and isolated in their penthouses in New York, Malibu, Chicago, Miami, London, or wherever. When TSHTF do you really think that they are going to be able to control the supplies in their facilities or even their personnel for that matter- I THINK NOT. In my line of work, I have also discussed this scenario with managers of these facilities and they concur almost 90% with what I have just said…their loyalty will be to the local people around them that they know and trust and it will simply be a matter of rationing the food and inventory out of these stores or the fuel in the storage tanks in a fashion that is as unnoticeable and as quickly as possible. People in general want to do what is right and good. …and in general, people will kill anyone who becomes a threat to others. The looters and hoods: they have NO CLUE and shall be the FIRST to be eliminated, easily.

I personally know of private aircraft organizations that have working military aircraft and weaponry. They can’t fight off an army but who knows how resourceful we can become when pushed to our limits. Regional protection will prevail. I just hope that some idiot globalist doesn’t start a chain reaction of nuclear holocaust. Should this happen, well, all we can do is pray that we are right with HIM, head to our bunkers, and trust we have prepared for the extreme scenario as Country Codger described.

When the FALL happens, Country Codger is EXACTLY CORRECT. God, Guns, Gold, Guts and brains will be the keys to survival. I do feel that the resources in our Great America will ultimately come together in time to create a stronghold large enough to have a show of resistance that will psychologically turn the invaders back. I see a new REPUBLIC OF AMERICA emerging at the end of collapse.

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