It Runs On Water

The science is already here.  The top 5 Oil moguls just won’t let it emerge.  If our world could stop its hunger for greed and power, its deluded systems of control, and its blatant corruption long enough to allow the accumulation of the knowledge of mankind, we could expand our species into the universe and under the seas. Poverty and hunger would only be a subject taught in history classes.

I own a Grand Marquis and have converted it myself into a homemade

hybrid.  It is simple electrolysis technology…not voltrolysis.  Simply Mason jars, electrodes, wiring, tubing, and a few other “tricks”.  I average a 60% increase in mileage which is awesome at today’s gouging pump prices.  I KNOW the science works.  I USE IT !!  Click the pic at the right to see a series of pics of my Marquis hybrid.

Stanley Meyer’s videos are many on YouTube and GoogleVideo. His process is Voltrolysis and is the process of switching off the covalent bonding of pure water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with high voltages and very little current, usually in the milliamps range. This process is the opposite of Electrolysis, which uses large amounts of current to break the covalent bond of H2O. This technology was made famous by the late Stanley A. Meyer of Grove City, Ohio back in the 80’s and 90’s. We are here to replicate and understand the technology that Meyer’s has developed.  It is a sad fact that Meyer passed away before his technology overcame the stigma created upon him by the OIL conglomerates.  Like most inventors, the man was amazing.  These videos reveal the TRUTH about the POWER of God’s precious gift to Earth…..Water.

We MUST break away from the deceptions surrounding us from cradle to grave.  We MUST disconnect from the practices of consumerism and narcissism, created by those in power of our societies and economies.  We MUST become again, the creative free-thinking beings that history AND current freethinkers reveals we once were and can now be again. -PlanetPrisoner


About PlanetPrisoner

Christian, Patriot, Father, MacGyver, Pilot, Architect, Entrepreneur
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