Internet Anonymity is VITAL

Internet anonymity seems to be an oxymoron these days, although there are ways to protect yourself during your WorldWideWeb travels.  One should consider removing identities, images, and other personal info from the web.  This is literally impossible I must admit, years of innocent posting and purchasing and blogging and downloading have broadcasted our identities far beyond imagining.

PlanetPrisoner recommends:

  • -the Tor Project.  It is used by military, businesses, and savvy users who can do so without “appearing” online.  One can send/receive vital documents and browse websites that are now labeled as a threat to DHS.
  • -opening a HushMail account for use when needed. This is a great tool.
  • Mozilla Firefox is my preferred browser which is proven to be most secure, other than Linux, of course.  Try to NEVER use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • -that the presence of this WordPress blog, and identifying it with a Gmail account has readily announced myself to the global tracker network… so be it.  Other precautions in place [physically] are my reliance.
  • -the elementary practice of clearing cache, cookies, and history along with regular device maintenance is also necessary.  I even keep my audio card disabled and a velcro over the camera lens on my laptop until I video chat with my friends and family.
  • -regularly changing passwords, analyzing all of the email you receive that you have subscribed to over the years and begin to “unsubscribe” from those that you really don’t need.
  • -that you remove the battery from your cell phone [impossible with some devices] when you are not using. Set a regular time, say @ 8am/12pm/4pm/8pm that you engage your battery to check messages, etc.  I know for some of you, this will be a difficult one to follow.
  • -use of cash instead of debt/credit cards. 
  • -gaining Knowledge from the web on this topic while we still can from the many sites and many authors.  Here is one that I recommend HIGHLY…CountryCodger.

These are just a few ideas to consider, think of and choose others of your own. has posted a recent article on 10 reasons to consider beginning a practice of consciously “disconnecting” from the DHS [and other] global tracking grid.

Store much, Store regularly


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