Joe Arpaio, Mike Tyson, Tent City, and the “Imposter”

It is a funny double standard, when Sheriff Arpaio was putting pink jump suits on his prisoners in Arizona the MSM was ALL over it.  He was on the nightly snewz for almost a week.  When Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio

announced that his prisoners were assigned to outdoor tents, MSM

Mike Tyson & Arpaio in Tent City

covered the story.  Ask Mike Tyson, he served his time in those tents. Well, Arpaio now has opened up the hottest story in decades, if not in history, and MSM has a complete blackout on these TRUTHS.

Legal proceedings are happening as we speak.  NOT by conspiracy theorists, not by kooks….but proceeding through the legal system with the assistance of a team of ex-law enforcement and

Arizona Prisoners in Pink

other professionals notably capable of proper thorough criminal investigation techniques.  Inclusion of individuals who know Adobe PDF science.  Questions are being asked by Arizona state officials, and answers are required of our highest office in the land.  This investigation will not end tomorrow, next week, or next month, according to the Sheriff’s posse.  This investigation is ongoing until answers to the questions are uncovered.

Joe Soetoro is a FRAUD upon the greatest nation ever on Earth, perpetuated by a deceptive system of frauds and looters.  A corrupt system is stepping up their plans to break the back of our great Nation and system of republic government.  Soetoro (Obama) and his life are a fraud.  His mother and father were known CIA operatives.  His grandmother “happened” to work for Rhodesian and Hawaiian banking interests and all were funded by global so called “nonprofit” organizations.

YOU be the judge as this video explains in Common Sense, why we need to have a complete action of transparency upon certain leaders of our system.  Those in question must give us the answers of TRUTH.  Please watch what is happening as we speak, as Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona uses Common Sense to seek TRUTH.

Law Hot on The Trail of Criminally Forged Obama Documents

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