Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney

I think understand exactly what is happening here….

 Yes, it has been rumored for a while that Rand was to be Mitt’s VP selection.

 It is also known that Romney was at Chantilly last weekend, Bilderberg.  So was Rubio.  Has Mitt sold out to the elite…?  We won’t know for a while.

I was indeed surprised to see Rand jump to support Romney so early, I assumed it would happen after the convention.  After all, the candidate has not truly been chosen until then.  For Rand to do this tonite, tells me that because of Romney being at Bilderberg, Rand is calling Mitt’s hand.  To endorse Mitt tonite was a move that proves

Campaign for Liberty

that the Paul’s are true patriots.  There may be enough patriotism in Romney to refuse allegiance to the Bilderbergers, dangerously if he does. 

 The Romney campaign must know that Rand’s support shall completely bring the Tea Party into their camp.  THAT should assure victory and they know it.  We really will only know when he chooses his running mate that Mitt Romney did not sell out to the Bilderbergers.  If Rand is chosen, we may have a chance to start regaining our Republic.  If Rand is not chosen, then we will know that another puppet is running for office.

 It shall be important to watch what the Ron Paul camp releases as a statement of this endorsement in the days to come.  I don’t think Ron Paul will pull his candidacy because his run for the Presidency is not about becoming president.  It is about reforming our Republic for future generations.  If he does drop out of the race, it will mean that this is a true self-less effort to go “all-in” to try to restore our Great Country.

 I may be wrong on all of this, as I know that fathers and sons do not always follow the same path……but my gut tells me that because of Mitt attending Bilderberg, the rules of the game just changed…

 Only time will tell.

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