Plundering California -and the rest of the Country, your tax dollars at work!

…this December 2009 article is from WSJ columnist Steven Greenhut.  I hadn’t read it before and ran across it over the weekend.  This was shocking to me.  To know it was the case almost 3 years ago makes it even more appalling.  WAKE up people!  Government abuses have run in any way one can imagine.  We must take Gerald Celente’s advice and simply stop participating in this looting that has occurred.  In conversation with a family member recently, he told me that, “This is how America works, this is the law of the land.”  …He is a successful businessman, conservative Christian, but has his head stuck in the sand and believes more in MSM than independent media.  He has a huge home, just he and his wife, and we were talking of food storage.  He told me it was too hot in his garage to store it!!  God forbid to rearrange any furnishings inside to make room for food!  This is NOT how America is supposed to work.  Maybe if we could “vote” them out it would be different, but as we all know how voting on a national level ends up, it just doesn’t work that way.  I have heard also through the grapevine that certain forces are gearing up in the case of state succession/rebellion……

here is a portion of the article and a link: – Steven Greenhut

Government Gluttony

The economy is struggling, the unemployment rate is high, and many Americans are struggling to pay the bills, but one class of Americans is doing quite well: government workers. Their pay levels are soaring, they enjoy unmatched benefits, and they remain largely immune from layoffs, except for some overly publicized cutbacks around the margins. To make matters worse, government employees—thanks largely to the power of their unions—have carved out special protections that exempt them from many of the rules that other working Americans must live by. California has been on the cutting edge of this dangerous trend, which has essentially turned government employees into a special class of citizens.

When I recently appeared on Glenn Beck’s TV show to discuss California’s dreadful fiscal situation, I mentioned that in Orange County, where I had been a columnist for the Orange County Register, the average pay and benefits package for firefighters was $175,000 per year. After the show, I heard from viewers who couldn’t believe the figure, but it’s true. Firefighters, like all public-safety officials in California, also receive a gold-plated retirement plan: a defined-benefit annual pension that offers 90 percent or more of the worker’s final year’s pay, guaranteed for the rest of his life (and the life of his spouse).

Government employees use various scams to boost their already generous benefits, which include fully paid health care and cost-of-living adjustments. The Sacramento Bee coined the term “chief’s disease,” for example, to refer to the 82 percent (in 2002) of chief’s-level employees at the California Highway Patrol who discovered a disabling injury about one year before retiring. That provides an extra year off work, with pay, and shields 50 percent of their final retirement pay from taxes. Most of these disabilities stem from back pain, knee pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and the like—not from taking bullets from bad guys. The disability numbers soared after CHP disbanded its fraud unit.

As I document in my new book, Plunder!, government employees of all stripes have manipulated the system to spike their pensions. Because California bases pensions for employees on their final year’s salary, ….the rest of the story.


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