Perversion, Lying, Thieving, Murdering, Deceiving

….sounds link Sodom and Gomorrah, eh?

God reigned fire and brimstone upon Sodom and Gomorrah

Well, I AM SICK OF IT!?*%#!<-?#*!

These links are in MAINSTREAM NEWS, since you now see that it is finally appearing in snooznews, then you can only imagine what is appearing in independent sources around the world.  I didn’t put any of those here, as I seem to have a few of you that haven’t wanted to believe these SAME FACTS, when I emailed them to you previously via independent news sources.

If these links do not PROVE to some of you that these things are happening RIGHT IN OUR FACES, then nothing will.  Just how far does this pathetic, perverted, lying, murdering, thieving, deceptive machine have to go before we begin as a group [does WE THE PEOPLE ring a bell?] to deny them the money and the power that they loot from you and I in order to finance this crap.  Does our whole middle class have to disintegrate first?  Do our morals and ethics have to be eliminated to nil first??  It is entirely up to WE THE PEOPLE…

 …believe me, I am certainly not homophobic, racist, bigot, sexist, or any type of prejudice but with our Big “Sis” of homeland security openly gay and the recent law suits from men who work with her……it is time to spread some facts around, thus.  Some of us already know of the documented gay night time events at the Capitol, for those who do not, just spend awhile digging into the searches and you will find it to be true for years actually.  This is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again, the fall of Rome itself began as the people let the govt. supply them with their gluttony and perversion…….I’m just SICK OF IT.

We spend our days either shuffling Chinese goods around or competing against third world labor, while being sexually assaulted while traveling or even going to a sporting event, while derivatives gambling is carried on right in our own White House …we should be ashamed of ourselves!!

….makes me sick, the apathy of most Americans, God decried that it is incumbent upon Christians to be active in spreading of truth, the Word, and in the elimination of evil and all that goes with it.  Our founders told us that it is incumbent upon Americans to stay the course for Liberty and Freedom with EVERY GENERATION!!  WAKE PEOPLE UP……WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!… it doesn’t take much, but it goes a very long way.  MANY COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD ARE LAUGHING AT US…..we have little respect globally anymore, as we just sit and take the police state and fascist attacks upon our own government and do little about it.  We have [a small minority] legislators who feel the same way that I do, but few constituents seem to think that preventing what is happening to us is more important than a bank account [that can be taken away in the middle of the night at any time by these hoods]……

If this offended you, just let me know, I call it my 1st Amendment Right as a citizen of the greatest nation in world history…and I want my grandchild to be able to feel the same way at my age.

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