The Time IS Now !!

I am simply reposting, what seems to be the HEARTBEAT of America.  My THNX to Codger, for sending the link to me, …..and our Watchmen. I have left the link to the writer of the comment on YouTube, which sounds very much like COMMON SENSE, to me.  Planet Prisoner

Thanks for posting. America needs to wake up. Too many people mistakenly believe that our government is made up of men and women who have our best interest in mind. Let’s start with throwing Obama out of office, and then totally shut down the federal Courts and dump the idiot senile judges that make it up. Then lets take back the streets from the thugs and ghetto trash. Restore capital punishment for all crimes of rape, armed robbery and murder. Force prisoners to work for their room and board.

barrybrum 3 hours ago

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Christian, Patriot, Father, MacGyver, Pilot, Architect, Entrepreneur
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