I had considered beginning this article by explaining the History of Credit Cards, but have decided that if you want to gain that knowledge then, after reading this article, you can simply click certain links herein and you will find that knowledge. But please read this first, you will be amazed of the TRUTHS within. This writing it not about those who carry plastic cash, but rather it is about those who accept this digital demon as payment for their goods or services rendered. One must also understand that the resultant ends up trickling down to the CONSUMER, as always. Please, stay with me.

TRUTHNOW! shall attempt to expose to you the REAL never-ending cash machine for the Banking cartel. This “cash machine” lies hidden, in plain sight, within the account payables of most EVERY retail merchant [large and small], most every hospital, most every school, most every roadside rest-stop, most every insurance office, most every pharmacy, and most every auto body shop, restaurant, grocery store, and most everywhere a transaction between two parties is acknowledged. In fact, recently this “cash machine” is even showing up on [or shall I say within] most trendy smart phones.

TO BEGIN WITH: Let me say a bit about “why” we carry this plastic cash [although the subject of this writing is not about those of us with the cards, as you shall read in a moment]. When we think of credit cards we think of the convenience of them. We need not carry cash, we get rewards for using them, we can have our favorite team logo on them, we can support our favorite cause by using them, and we are told that we even get “cash-back” when we use them [go figure!]. Have you ever wondered who actually pays for all of these incentives and freebies? Some would say that it is in the interest that cardholders are charged for the unpaid monthly balance remaining on the card each month. Believe me, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

Facts to keep in mind: 1) Each cardholder owns an average of seven credit cards — three bank credit cards and four store or gas credit cards. 2) In 2010, each cardholder is carrying an average of $5,100 in credit card debt. Here are more current disturbing stats for you to look at later..


the CASH MACHINE we do not see!

We are being transitioned into a cashless society. Many forms of the Plastic Demons are emerging into our daily lives: debit, credit, EBT, prepaid, payroll transfer, gift, rewards, social security payments, welfare payments, branded, transit……all are digital payment vehicles that are used over 46,700,000,000 [that’s BILLION] times per year [2011] in America alone. That is over 46,700,000,000 transactions for goods, services, utilities, taxes, or fines all over America.

So do you think that these transactions are completed without a cost to whomever is receiving them? Think again! EVERY transaction comes at a cost to the merchant receiver of the Plastic Demon. Not only is there a fee for EACH TRANSACTION but there is also a percentage fee paid based upon the transaction amount. This percentage fee is regulated yearly but is maintained for each and every transaction, no matter how large or how small. These costs and fees go nightly into the gangster bankers coffers, like clockwork, hidden ‘behind the scenes’. In fact, there is practically NO REGULATION of the process. Here is the ‘double-speak’ of the gangsters themselves, the Federal Reserve.


The gangster bankers make their money [when they aren’t simply printing it] on these Plastic Demons by charging the merchants accepting them…swipe after swipe after swipe….after swipe. The transaction fee alone is from $0.02 to $0.15 PER SWIPE. Then there is the interchange fee to the merchant which can be anywhere from 0.6% to 3% and some online merchant fees are as high as 4.25% or more. You do the numbers…… according the Federal Reserve [which is no more federal that FedEX] merchants are paying over $1,800,000,000,000 [that’s TRILLION] in debit card fees alone!!

These fees are being given to the gangster bankers for literally DOING NOTHING; as servers, software programs, and independent agencies provide all calculations and customer service needed.


The US SNAP Program, formerly the Food Stamp program, in the past issued a book of coupons that the recipient would tear off and give to a merchant in order to purchase food. That was years ago, and now our own Legislators have enabled the gangster bankers to USE this program to gain continuous PROFITS. You see, every time these EBT cards are used in a place of business the merchant PAYS THE BANKERS….that’s right, our own system has allowed the bankers to make money on the program that was set up to ‘serve’ the poor….pathetic isn’t it. The program runs digitally by simply using a Plastic Demon called an EBT. You see the sign on merchant doors everywhere. Fraud was very limited when the user held a coupon booklet. Now, holding an EBT card, the user can even get cash back and purchase a Looto ticket or a bag of weed! Over 47,000,000 Americans have an EBT card today; most will make some purchase(s) on a daily basis. The merchants who swipe the cards are paying every time it is swiped. Our legislators have allowed the bankers to push their Plastic Demon onto the daily scheme of purchases made daily in our nation. Through the interchange, the bankers are guaranteed $trillion$ of dollars annually….for DOING NOTHING! MERCHANTS across America are being robbed out of each and every digital transaction being made. Actually, these fees are transferred to consumers by increasing the price of the goods purchased in order to cover the fees! Let us realize that this convenience must come at a cost, but NOT when it is forced upon us to be paid by a credit card to a public entity. Profit upon public service transactions should not occur when the transaction is MANDATED to occur via these Plastic Demons.

Paying for medical services within a publicly funded hospital, paying for taxes at city hall, paying for your IRS debt, paying for public utilities, paying for public education services, paying for public transportation, and many other public service transactions should NOT create PROFIT for the bankers.

ADP is the fastest growing payroll support company in the country. The majority of the employees being paid through this option are given a debit card. One look at their info and you will soon see how connected to the gangster bankers they are. There are employer incentives to use this payroll service that cannot be taken lightly.


The system is set in place for the GANGSTER BANKERS CONTINUOUS PROFIT FROM EVERY CARD TRANSACTION….EVERYWHERE!! The growing trend to go cashless, the trendy gizmo on your smart phone, the “easy” and “convenient” way to receive your payroll, the “air miles” rewards you get, the “cash-back” incentive, the support for your charity cause…..all of these ‘come-ons’ are only a way for the ganster bankers to make you think you are given an advantage by using these Plastic Demons. In reality, all that you are doing is giving the gangster bankers a GUARANTEE of their $trillion$ of dollars annually for literally doing nothing. They are laughing all the way to their ‘bank’. Ask ANY merchant [over $500,000 per year in receipts] that you may know about his credit card merchant account and he will give you a mouthful about fees, jumping interchange rates, and ‘chargebacks’.

The Social Security Administration is even now pushing a program to initiate payments digitally. Knowing that previous heads of banking industries now sit atop our government agencies, is it any wonder why this is happening? Hasn’t our tax bailouts paid to these gangster bankers been enough looting of the American consumer for them? They tout these cards to us for reasons of “convenience” when in reality it is purely about Profit and Control. During a Bank Holiday, your bank account debit card will be of no use. Open your eyes and look around daily for the incentives being pushed upon consumers to use this Plastic Demon. A large percentage of the gangster bankers’ profits are gained simply by luring We the People to swipe a Plastic Demon.


There are a few ways that we can greatly decrease the profits being looted for our usage of these Plastic Demons.

1) If you are paid by your employer onto a payroll cash card, simply make a one-time transaction by depositing the entire amount into a checking account and simply withdraw money as needed, hopefully a checking account at a member bank of the Independent Community Bankers of America. Research will show you that these member banks tried to refuse any bailout money, and have all repaid it back. They were NEVER insolvent as they did not participate in the frivolous lending practices causing the crisis.

2) Use cash as much as possible. Stop and THINK with every purchase, realize their profit from your every use of a Plastic Demon.

3) Ask the merchant if he will give you 2-3% discount for paying in cash. On a large purchase, this is usually warmly accepted.

4) STOP buying on credit! If you can’t afford to pay for it, you probably don’t need it!

5) GET RID of all of the cards that you can. Really, this is common sense.


A simple sign at your cash register allowing a 2% discount for cash will save your profit in the long run. Shopping for better rates on a yearly basis is very easy to do. ASK your processor if there is a penalty fee for moving your processing [there usually is], and I guarantee you can have it removed before you sign a merchant agreement with them. Never sign an agreement with a set term length or a penalty clause.

Here is an interesting processing agent that I ran across while researching for this article. Merchants have to pay someone to handle their credit card deposits. The dollars are spent on this account payable and never seen again. The company is a nonprofit company [FUND of America] that will process your transactions with one of the 5 major processors, and then return on average 70% of their own profit on your account BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS. They only require that you give those dollars, which were returned, to your chosen favorite charity or a public use. Admittedly, it doesn’t actually save you any money, but it puts YOU IN CONTROL of the money that you are already spending in the course of doing business……and you’ll be serving your favorite charity without having to use dollars from your bottom line. Let your merchant account support your civic contributing efforts! From what I can determine, this is the ONLY entity of its kind in America, and has a patent pending on the process! Now that’s what I call free market at its best! The nonprofit has a mission purpose of serving start-up entrepreneurship, asking the participating merchants to act as mentors to local entrepreneurs….business helping business, imagine that! It seems that this service is having a hard time getting into the marketplace, as merchants feel that this approach to their needed service is ‘too good to be true’, so there must be a hidden catch…..I checked them out, no catch, no men in 3-piece suits, no big building in metro, no Big Bank backing them either….in fact, if this concept catches on the banks shall be the last ones to promote it.

THE KEY to all of this is that we must spread the word that CREDIT CARDS ARE A KEY CASH MACHINE for the global bankers. By simply cutting plastic card usage in half, we can literally hit the gangster bankers where it hurts to the tune of HUNDRED$ OF BILLION$ OF DOLLAR$ per year. Spread the word about the info on the links you find here. Notice how often the market is pushing the use of credit cards upon consumers. Talk to you friends who are merchants, talk with them of alternatives. Be aware of the REAL purpose of pushing a cashless society upon us. Dr Ron Paul is very correct in stating that the elimination of the Federal Reserve and the gangster bankers is the key to our economic recovery. COMMON SENSE and KNOWLEDGE are just as important. WE THE PEOPLE have the power to cause REAL change, if we just use it.


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