Obamanomics 2.0

Another election cycle is over…..do you feel better?  Did you get a ‘warm fuzzy’ all over? …me neither.  I just wanted to make note of things, as I see them.

Fast and Furious occurred and NO ONE has been prosecuted, Border Patrol Agents and citizens have been killed.

Benghazi incident has shown complete and TOTAL deception and accessory to murder.  Obama, Clinton, Rice, and others have been PROVEN to have LIED to the American public.  There is even beginning of evidence that possible gun running thru Benghazi into Libya was occurring and that the Ambassador was wanting out of the chain of those responsible.  He and 3 others were killed…..NO ONE being prosecuted, NOTHING being done, WE are being lied to.

Our President did not take Donald Trump up on his charitable offer of giving $5,000,000 to any charity….just for showing personal identity records.  Obama REFUSED, his audacity is BULLS*!T.  Why aren’t the Libs making a fuss of this, imagine if a Conservative had done such a thing.  Imagine how many people that $5 M would feed.  So….just what ARE you hiding Mr Soetorro?

The BRICS nations have dumped the U$ Dollar.  Oil is now being paid for in Chinese currency.  We are now into QE3, injecting $40,000,000,000 monthly into bonds and derivatives..further devaluing our dollar.

The REAL unemployment figures, considering all accounts, is well over 15%.

47% of America is receiving some type of entitlement….!

Debt has increased more since Obama has been in office than our entire existence as a nation combined.

Government entitlements have also increased exponentially and planned to continue.

Dr Ron Paul was mocked, ridiculed, and ignore for two election cycles….BUT MSM has no problem inviting him to interview occasionally now, commenting on his flawless economic foresight & opinions of the state of our nation and the importance of having a strong military DEFENSE and an almost invisible military OFFENSE.  …I can’t understand why people don’t see thru this veil.

3 corporations own the major TV networks, over 2400 newspapers, and the majority of the radio stations….one of those corporations is Saudi majority owned…messed up!

Our times are very similar to the age before Babylon.  The public was immoral, gluttonous, perversion abounded, the money changers were extorting the citizens, and laws catered only to the elite.  Everyone worked for the ‘state’.  There was little or no private ownership.

How we have allowed Soetorro to be reelected is something I just cannot fathom in my deepest, wildest imagination.  I predict he will go after gun-owners within 6-10 months.  I predict a full blown effort focused on Agenda 21 shall occur within 24 months.  Checking the mindset of all of this, one current event comes to mind.  California….this state ranks 50th in debt!  this state just reelected a so-called ‘transparent’ president….but could not seem to see fit to pass a law requiring simply labeling GMO [poisoned] foods.  I mean, is that messed up or what?  …but then again, who in their right mind would put a million dollar home on the edge of the San Andreas Fault??  …Idiocracy is in…Common Sense is out.


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2 Responses to Obamanomics 2.0

  1. joyannaadams says:

    Well said. You know, I thought I was the only one who is simply hit with reality. I am never going to vote again. I’m 60..I’m tired of waiting for decent politicians. It’s all so currupt. Have you notice how EVERY Tax increase is passed? No corruption? Bull.

    Congress is exempt from all that they pass on us. And they and all their elite freinds NEVER go to jail for any crime. Never. They protect themselves.

    And we wine, and complain and NOTHING is EVER done. Nothing. All votes come down to one or two..notice? We are as controlled as Russia, just better at putting a big smily face on it all.
    This whole American Idol voting process is all show, and money.

    FOX news acted today like. “oh well…no big deal.” As far as I’m concerned, as my good mother once suggested, real Americans should gather in the middle of the country, secede from the Union, and let the libearls have New York and California. We’ll take the middle.

    The rich elites have locked themselves into power forever.

    Good piece. I enjoy all you write.

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