Chemtrails update: Nashville, TN

Here are some recent pics of the skies in Nashville.

There is a great video on YouTube titled: What in the World are They Spraying! …we ARE under an environmental / social attack.  Our air, water, food, school books, news streams….are all polluted.  Agenda 21 and the Trans-Pacific Partnership are main culprits in this global attack upon the citizens of our planet.

WAKE PEOPLE UP !!  -spread the word- -gain information- -share information on social media- -shop LOCAL- -get healthy- -stock up- -home school-

NorthEast Nashville- February 18, 2014

NorthEast Nashville- February 18, 2014

Nashville Chemtrails Feb 18, 2014

Nashville Chemtrails
Feb 18, 2014

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1 Response to Chemtrails update: Nashville, TN

  1. darsi16 says:

    A friend from Brazil who has had success busting chemtrails offered to show how it’s done but only on a private blog. Join send me your user name or email for an invite.
    ” One of the goals of chemtrails is to provoke artificial storms through agglutination of humidity. Our equipment can greatly decrease the effect that, by changing the electrical charge of the metal ions contained on the trails through the crystals.”

    Please forward this to anyone you feel may be interested. Thank you very much!

    We are in this together!

    (Ven Cardo I Paratron)

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