Free Justina Pelletier NOW !

Unbelievable abduction

15 year old Justina went to Boston Children’s Hospital to be treated for the flu and 10 months later she is still in the hospital. Her parents were escorted out of the hospital because they disagreed with the diagnosis. You see Justina has Mitrochondria but Children’s Hospital says that her problem is psychological which is in direct opposition with her doctor from Tufts Medical Center. They refused to let her parents take her to any other hospital. In the meantime, they are using her as a guinea pig and filling her with drugs. Justina‘s health has now deteriorated. She cannot walk but must be in a wheelchair.

After breaking a gag order and speaking to Glenn and TheBlaze on Monday, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) filed for Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who is being held against her parents’ will, to be held in contempt of court, a family source told TheBlaze.
Here is a video of the story.

“I will tell you that in a meeting I had this morning, I said: I don’t care if only four people read the story. I want this to be the lead story on TheBlaze from hereon out.” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Find every reason to talk about it. Turn over every stone. Show me everything that people can do and are doing. Put it in there. I don’t care if nobody’s reading the story. This is the most important story to me because you have a chance. You have the opportunity to save a woman’s life.”

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11 Responses to Free Justina Pelletier NOW !

  1. When did America turn into Russia? Did I sleep through a regime change or a take over by another country? Is this still AMERICA????

  2. ANONYMOUS says:

    I cannot believe this can happen in America. Whomever is keeping Justina from her parents and not allowing her to go home with her parents, who love her more than anyone else, should be sentenced for LIFE in criminal prison. Anyone can see how she has gone backwards and needs the good care the parents were giving her. LET HER GO HOME.

  3. Denise Morton says:

    Just saw this news story on Huckabee. This is outrageous! How can this possibly be happening in the United States of America?? The hospital and doctors bring to mind the Nazi mindset. This is so unjust and so horribly wrong. Please, please release this young lady to her parents before it is too late!! Simply outrageous!!! My prayers will be with this family.

  4. Bonnie Taylor says:

    It is time to free this child to her parents. This is AMERICA things like this is not suppose to happen

  5. Bill says:

    This is the United States how can the government prevent the parents from being with their child. This is a violation of the parents rights as well as the childs. How feel our constution does not mean a thing to these idots. We should all get together
    And get all the politicians locked up and not let any one visit them. Please free this child
    now! Wake up people we have to grab the bull by the horns.


  6. Janet Wilson says:

    This just can’t be happening in America! I have never heard of such a thing! I want to add my voice to all the others the Justina be given back to her parents NOW!!! I want to thank Glen Beck for all the information he has put out on this Horrible case.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We live in The U.S.A . Who they think they are. Let this young girl go home now.

  8. Joanne says:

    Praying for this family and this girl -how could this happen in the United States
    God needs to remove the stone…

  9. Dave Biddick says:

    Keep up the good work. What has happened and is still happening to Justina and her parents is a CRIME!

  10. …the PlanetPrisoner has had an overwhelming number of hits for this post. I am thankful that people around the world are concerned for this young girl, Justina. PEOPLE DO HAVE POWER, we just need to be confident in knowing that we do. In great numbers, WE can overpower the system that we have been subjected to. Please share any information about Justina’s plight to all that you can.
    I would enjoy comments from those of you visiting my site. I work just like most of you, and have limited time to devote to my blog, but will do my best to spread the word of issues that are important to our Liberties and Freedoms….WORLD-WIDE.


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