Justina Pelletier Now Sent to Foster Care; Now has Legal Defense

Linda Pelletier fainted in the corridor outside the Boston Juvenile Court and was taken away on a stretcher to a local hospital. Her husband, Lou Pelletier, occasionally erupted into angry shouts. Reporters were restricted from the fourth floor of the Brooke Courthouse, where a hearing on Justina’s case was held, but could see the Pelletiers from a fifth-floor balcony across the courthouse atrium.  Department of Children and Families wants to place their teenage daughter in foster care on Boston’s North Shore, according to a minister who represents the family.

According to a report issued by the US Department of Health & Human Services, Children’s Bureau, THEIR OWN STATISTICS show that although the rate is decreasing,  ‘…In 2011 there were approximately 742,000 instances of confirmed child maltreatment‘, while in foster care.

One issue before the judge in today’s hearing was whether Lou Pelletier should be held in contempt of court for violating a gag order. The teen’s father has recently given media interviews in which he expressed frustration with the quality of care his daughter is getting while in DCF custody, care that he has asserted has been nearly fatal for her.

The Pelletiers’ primary attorney declined comment, citing the gag order.  Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, a conservative nonprofit legal group, said he now represents the Pelletiers in their effort to end the gag order imposed by the judge. He said the DCF was given two days to tell the judge whether they oppose allowing Staver to enter the case.  ….story posted @ boston.com

One year after Justina Pelletier was locked into a psychiatric ward at Boston Children’s Hospital, doctors, lawyers, and family members are still struggling to answer the question—is this teenager really in pain?      WWW.FREEJUSTINA.com

other stories across the nation regarding Justina:

  • Liberty Counsel Fights for Pelletier Family – Teen Daughter Being Held by State
    Feb 24, 2014
    Today Matt Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, is appearing before the Suffolk County Juvenile Court to defend a family against abuse by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families…The Kelly File tonight to watch Liberty Counsel’s Founder and Chairman, Mathew Staver. He is the scheduled guest of Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel and will discuss the heart-wrenching story of Justina Pelletier, who was taken from her parents and is currently being denied medical treatment.
  •  a picture of Linda being attended to by paramedics. Brewer also tweeted a picture of her being taken away in an ambulance:  Linda Pelletier, the mother of Justine, passed out in court after they Ordered her to a nonmedical facility. pic.twitter.com/cZawNLn10C
  • We won’t give up on Justina and her family. But this has to stop and cannot happen to some other family in the future. Enough is enough. –Huffington Post
  • “We never got anything in writing,” said Lou Pelletier, a financial planner and father of four girls. “While all the security guards were showing up, we actually called 911 and said our daughter had been kidnapped by Boston Children’s Hospital.” –ABC News
  • The father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier faces court on Monday, after the Massachusetts Department of Children and Family filed a contempt of court complaint against him for violating a gag order. –NewsMax.com
  • “My understanding is that Justina is being moved to foster care and they are outraged by that,” he said. “There is no medical care there.”  Great video coverage out of Hartford Courant Tribune Newspaper website, Hartford, CT.
  • PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT JUSTINA. This could happen to ANY child in America.  FreeJustina.com

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2 Responses to Justina Pelletier Now Sent to Foster Care; Now has Legal Defense

  1. to N987SA:
    On T R U T H N O W !! the 1st Amendment is certainly welcomed and allowable whether it is based on FACT or not. I allow the readers to determine the validity of individual comments. I personally and totally disagree with your comment. You leave no fact to back it up and furthermore do not even login to sign so that others may contact you directly. Well then N987SA, I shall help other readers by giving them some other info about you. In this day you should more than understand that it is most difficult to hide your identity, especially, when you comment on a wordpress site. I shall reveal to my readers more about you in a moment. First I want to let them in on the characters you seem to ‘Hail’:
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    ‘Sendorsee and Schafer’ is too vague for me to narrow my search on them.

    And now a bit about Dr Mark Korson…. he is a Board Certified, 28 year veteran Biochemical Geneticist and Pediatrician of USA and Canada. Seems pretty much credible to me

    ……and now for you …Mr/Ms N987SA:
    Your email address is N987SAthetruth@yahoo.com

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    ….SO here we have it….regarding your comment, I’ll just ‘consider the source’

    THNX for visiting T R U T H N O W !!

  2. N987SA says:

    Mark Korson is no doctor, he is actually a liar, a charlatan, a fraud, and a quack at the best and possibly much worse. His purported tales of ‘dysfunctional mitochondria’ are fake fibs made by him and other medical professionals like him. We are helping Justina, nay, we are SAVING Justina. Her mind is a battlefield and it is under vicious attack by the Warlock Korson, her family, her friends, and her life before us. We will win this MindWar.

    Hail Schäfer! Hail López Rega! Hail Moreno Gonzalez!
    Hail Sendorsee!

    I am N987SA and I speak the Truth.

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