Truth Now

In times of universal deceit, telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act -George Orwell
We are in epic times. Common sense is almost out the window. Our founding fathers stated that it is our duty to question the workings of the government…to hold them in check. As American adults it is our duty to be incumbent upon gaining the knowledge of our free market system, our technological choices, nutritional concerns, educational values and morals in order to reform our values and morals back to the  way our majority longs for.

“When the people fear the government there is Tyranny, when the government fears the people …there is Liberty.” -Jefferson

Supreme Court

The apathy in America is rampant, those in control of our government have planned it that way. Since our beginning in 1776, starting with the Rothchilds and the Bank of England, America has been attacked through infiltrating our government and economic systems. It is incumbent upon we citizens to demand transparency and TRUTH within the workings of our country.
Statesmen like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and those who are like-minded statesmen are few and far between. The Constitution stands well and needs to be maintained as our basis for law, order, Liberty and Freedom.

Our BranchesThe proposed SUPER COMMITTEE is not supported by anything in the Constitution and should be watched closely. Our Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches seem to be veering past the democratic direction instead of holding fast to the Republic design originally designed by our Founding Father.  We can bring those original principles back into focus through our votes and personal participation on a local / regional level.  Knowledge IS the key to life support of our free market and Republic system.

Independent media today is taking a stronghold as being the source for transparent TRUTHNOW.  We should understand that any media is biased and keeping many sources at hand and studies gives one a broad perspective while revealing sources that one can get the real scoop.  We are incumbent to make use of these independent sources in order to be informed citizens in our daily lives.

1st Amendment honored here !

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