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Justin Bieber arrested top story from MSM, Meanwhile Muslim caught in pipe at NJ water treatment plant and Media silent

Justin Bieber arrested top story from MSM, Meanwhile Muslim caught in pipe at NJ water treatment plant and Media silent.

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State of the Union…..’where’s my boots?

Here is what John Galt had to say about tonight’s dog and pony show from the beltway.

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“If I wanted America to fail”

….the last statement, is the epitome of most of ‘Americana’ today.  Those of us who KNOW….realize the metaphoric context of the video below.  

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Joe Arpaio, Mike Tyson, Tent City, and the “Imposter”

It is a funny double standard, when Sheriff Arpaio was putting pink jump suits on his prisoners in Arizona the MSM was ALL over it.  He was on the nightly snewz for almost a week.  When Arpaio announced that his … Continue reading

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Headlines -across the Globe

National USA:  Lt Gov Ramsey Use of State Email For Political Purposes ‘Unintentional’ When Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey proclaimed his support for Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the Republican presidential contest Wednesday, the news release announcement was sent through the … Continue reading

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In The Belly of The Beast: Alex Jones Wins Over Mainstream Colleagues

It’s still the buzz of the talk radio industry: the passionate keynote speech delivered by Alex Jones at the TALKERS convention on June 11th. In front of the mainstream media, on their hallowed turf, GCN radio superstar and anti-establishment thorn … Continue reading

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Nuclear Plant in Nebraska on Alert

We have a nuclear threat occurring in the very center of our own country and NONE of our mainstream media seems it is important enough to broadcast the event. Well, I think it is of MAJOR importance, so here is … Continue reading

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25 Hard Questions That You Will Not See Asked On CNN, MSNBC Or Fox News

There is a reason why so many millions of people are turning to the alternative media for their news today.  The truth is that there are a whole lot of important things that the mainstream media will simply not talk … Continue reading

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