Looting is NOT a R3VOLUTION !



Webster-Rev~o~lu~tion-noun: a : a sudden, radical, or complete change b : a fundamental change in political organization; especially : the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed c : activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation d : a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something : a change of paradigm <the Copernican revolution> e : a changeover in use or preference especially in technology <the computer revolution> <the foreign car revolution>

The ACT of REVOLUTION is  –to take ACTION in order to change inadequate, inappropriate, unacceptable habits/circumstances that have either been imposed upon you or have been chosen by you.

CULTURE- seems to have been thrown out with last week’s trash. I see now why my Dad had such a difficult time with me in the late ‘60s.

Youth is disaffected to the point that cheap import so-called culture is idolized by them.  The majority of mainstream youth of today is more concerned about getting the newest iPad-iPhone-pantsontheground-Facebook-cellphone app- than they are about growing from within in order to be a contributor to positive societal growth.  The State and media has promoted these concepts and products in order to gain their power..in order to create diversions that keep the mind from wandering into a state of invention, imagination, and critical thinking where it belongs.  “Twitter” is [admittedly set up by the CIA] funded by the globalist agenda-FACT!  The looting events around the world are logistically harbored by Blackberrys and Twitter and Facebook.  I mean really, why are the social networks not blocking these sites with the network scanners already in place, the same that have been shutting “normal” websites down for simply –selling raw milk? Something is messed up here…Look beyond the headlines, please!

The looting and assaulting and “hooligan” activities are NOT a revolution.  It is a pitiful result of idiocracy run rampantA REAL REVOLUTION should peacefully attack the cracks in the systems that control the attitudes of prosperity.

Role models are being distorted and proposed to our youth to be snoop-dogs or gangsta’-rap or Nike or Twitter or pants-on-the-ground figures…even for adults the role models are Rush Limgaugh or some pro-football team coach… or who’s the next American Idol star.  Don’t misunderstand me here, Idol and America’s Got Talent and Survivor and the like can be a good thing…IF not taken as a role model.  What happened to the mindset of understanding that figures such as George Washington Carver, Nikola Tesla, Ern Rubik, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Percy LeBaron Spencer, John A Miller, Henry Ford, Walt Whitman, Gary Cooper, or even Walter Hunt were people of ideas of TRUE innovation that steered the mind of dreamers and developers?  These people ARE thinkers, and as so, they thought out of the box.  Look these people up, they stand with Marconi and Einstein in their own mindset.  Our educational system teaches NOTHING of the classics anymore.  I had Latin and read Homer in the 7th grade / Calculus in the 10th.  I guess we can thank “No Child Left Behind” for that. Media and commercial promotion steers society, especially its youth.  Entitlement mentality has given our youth dollars to spend that previously came from WORK; mowing lawns, pumping gas, paper routes and waiting tables.  We now choose to use mowing services, pump yourself…other services that have eliminated many youth jobs, but other jobs DO exist.  The liberal entitlement mentality puts a cell phone in every hand and disrupts most individual work ethic, incentive, and true individual thought.

We live today to think that bank presidents, Presidential Directives, Al Gore, LeBron James, YouTubers, Big Macs and George Soros are the thinkers….they are not the thinkers, they are mostly about manipulation of others to promote the ridiculous sale of unnecessary goods and are also the participants in controlling the mainstream guidelines that our youth base their role models upon…simply by taking advantage of their own positions.  Our Nation, and the world for that matter, has been under attack, mostly for the last 2 decades or more, by the “bling” promotion kingpins!  “You need the latest iPhone or you just aren’t with the program, Dude!” “My SUV is bigger than yours!”  “We have a $550,000 home in BigShot estates- 12 rooms/3-car garage/pool ..and me and my husband love it there!”  “I need some 22” speakers in my car with its Spinners and Neon under lights.  Don’t misunderstand me here people.  I am truly referring to people who cannot afford nor need this extravagance, NOT those who can.  Besides, those who can afford the finer things in life know how to “turn the lights out when you leave the room” if you know what I mean.  Following mainstream marketing ploys which create waste, delusion, deception, forced entitlements and envy state are a societal dilemma that we had better start addressing, quickly.

I remember when SUVs first came out.  They were vehicles mainly for guys who were into spending time in the woods or at the lake right after working all day.  They were vehicles for the police or YMCA or the high school secondary vehicle for the teams.  You could take a hose to the interiors of those things [’69 Chevy Suburban].  When the Hummer first came out I could not believe my eyes, then when high school kids started driving them to school, well I realized then that something is really messed up here.  Why do people have an SUV when all they do is use it as a transportation vehicle? …a large car gives them the same protection.  Why in the world does a “soccer Mom” need an SUV?  The equipment fits into the back of a Van just as easily.  The SUVs are complete gas guzzlers…..but this is America and we call that choice.  Overall safety statistics show that vehicles overall are safer and the SUV has not in itself lessened crash injury statistics.  I put the SUV boom in the category of promoting oil consumption on a massive level.  Slowly and subliminally over a period of a decade or so, America was brainwashed into accepting them as common place vehicle.  I am sure I just upset many of my friends and family with this statement, as choosing to have an SUV seems to be an American right.   It is, but put some common sense into the picture, people.  We are back to entitlement again.  This happens at every level of society.

We have internet gaming punks in the Pentagon controlling drone aircraft that are killing people all over the world!!  THAT is messed up!  Desensitization is evident everywhere we look, from TV shows to Blackhawk copper viewings in a school parking lot.  Our political leaders include pedophiles, adulterers, murderers, embezzlers, thieves, perverts and more, who seemingly goes unpunished!!  Federal grants are given for things that are of no use for common good; while other NEEDED causes go unfunded.  White is Black…Hot is Cold.

I have no idea where I am going with this, except to cite the fact that our moral and common sense base has been eroding for so long, I find it difficult to think a turn-around is possible.  No one checks the real facts anymore except to rhetorically debase the individual thinker.  Deception is rampant in government, in marketing, in education, in health care, in sports competition, in journalism.  I am not a brilliant mind, but I see this happening many times daily and no one seems to give a damn about it…

My faith in God and my love and hope for my three daughters is but all that keeps me from getting a megaphone and a “stupid stamp” and taking a walk downtown and putting them to use!!

America needs a R3VOLUTION all right.  We need to get off of our narcissist butts and get involved in others, causes, ingenuity, knowledge, and we better get going or I am afraid that we will become the world of “IDIOCRACY”.

© 2011Planetprisoner

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