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United States Flag Code

Flag Code The laws relating to the flag of the United States of America are found in detail in the United States Code. Title 4, Chapter 1 pertains to the flag; Title 18, Chapter 33, Section 700 regards criminal penalties … Continue reading

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Perversion, Lying, Thieving, Murdering, Deceiving

….sounds link Sodom and Gomorrah, eh? Well, I AM SICK OF IT!?*%#!<-?#*! These links are in MAINSTREAM NEWS, since you now see that it is finally appearing in snooznews, then you can only imagine what is appearing in independent sources … Continue reading

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Happy News – Wounded Marine Makes First Solo Flight

Happy News – Wounded Marine Makes First Solo Flight.

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Ron Paul refuses to participate in “immoral” pension system

Ron Paul refuses to participate in “immoral” pension system. For Release: Thursday, January 30, 1997   WASHINGTON, DC – US Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) today reaffirmed his opposition to what he calls the “immoral” congressional pension system by refusing to … Continue reading

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False Flag in Hormuz ?

Great blog by Country Codger today. Worth the read, in fact, ANYTHING that Codger writes is worth the read! My J.O.B. takes me to various parts of the country while installing fixtures in major retail chains…Kmart, Sears, Office Depot, Office … Continue reading

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RON PAUL – REAL DEAL for decades.


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the Tree of Liberty -Boston, MA

Where was the Tree of Liberty?  One block east of Boylston Station (Green Line) and Boston Common, at Washington and Essex Streets, is the site of the famous Liberty Tree. Embedded in the wall of the building located at 630 … Continue reading

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