It truly amazes me that our population is so hung up in their daily rat race that the most obvious crimes against humanity go unnoticed. Mercury in the vaccines, fluoride in public water, aspartame in most all chewing gum, high fructose corn syrup in foods from spaghetti sauce to wheat bread, and even plastic in McDs McNuggets are all examples of the “hidden” poisons that require a bit of public education to make them aware of offense.

One offense is so obvious that it makes one wonder just how docile the population is! I mean it is in complete sight of the entire population everyday and we are called “crazy” just for mentioning the term “CHEMTRAILS“….go figure. When a jet moves through the atmosphere it produces a condensation trail aft of that craft that normally dissipates within several hundred feet. The rule of thumb is simply holding your hand to the sky towards the craft, separate your thumb and fore-finger by 3-4 inches and move your hand to behind the jet….if the “smoke” trail behind is gone within that space, then it is a normal condensate trail….if not, it is a CHEMTRAIL. There are still normal trails up there daily, but one will mostly see the CHEMTRAILS full of metals and chemicals that not only layer themselves into our topsoil and into the ground water but also land on leaves and grass and people….burying into the skin. Geoengineering is the “cover-up” term and is done in the guise of saving the planet from greenhouse gasses…yea, right! Genocide- that’s what I call it. We should be wearing masks! Our society is so dumbed-down that even our reference books show pictures of CHEMTRAILS and call them condensation trails!! One has to find a resource book over 50 years old that will truly show a condensation trail that dissipates in a short distance behind the craft.

These pictures are from the Nashville, TN USA area on most any given summer day…..2011.

West End

West End

Briley Parkway/Murfreesboro Pike

Briley Parkway/Murfreesboro Pike



Wash your hands/face 3-4 times per day, rinse veggies with solution of H2O2 and Apple Cider Vinegar, canned goods from the grocery need to be rinsed with same, on days when you notice CHEMTRAILS try to not touch plants that haven’t been hosed off, yes-wear a mask whenever possible outside, and sorry to say that the world is just really fucked up for now and we just have to deal with it until RON PAUL 2012 can get some things done….. and then it is gonna be a decade or so before we can get back to a half decent life….. WE AREN’T IN KANSAS ANYMORE!



9 Responses to NASHVILLE- CHEMTRAIL summer

  1. MD says:

    Every day high in the sky go the planes spraying tons of aluminum,barium and other toxic chemicals and no these are not contrails.Contrails evaporate in 15 seconds .These chemically laced sun blocking nano particles are designed to block the sun . They start out thin then spread until a haze covers the sky some days worse than others . For more information watch the video What on earth are they spraying and Why on Earth are They Spraying over 1 million views on you tube .. It has been said this is a Nato organized operation funded by the U.S. tax payer . Don’t believe be do your own research and you will find the truth.Google Dane Wigington

  2. Deb says:

    You know..even my 12 year old grandson sees it. He and I watched them fill the skies one day driving from Franklin to Nashville. It’s amazing…how all but a handful of adults I tell and point it out as it is being done literally get it. I think The Lord has stabbed over their eyes.

  3. deb says:

    Wow..another awake person. I’m in franklin and people just don’t want to see it…hear it…or discuss it
    All they say is just “who are these people debbie” doing this to us as they SCOFF. I have more and more pics what they do as they progress. Of course niw they do them above the rain so we never see the sun. Well…I have news for them their days are numbered. And they better repent or they will be choking on chemtrails in HELL.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sept 05, 2013… I couldn’t believe the skies this morning !

1st Amendment honored here !

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