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George Carlin -Voice from the past…

…we had no idea of his wisdom, his brilliance …in his time.  This is classic / This is awesome!! [of course, with Carlin, there is a bit of xxx language]

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Remember, Remember the Treason of September by Stewart Rhodes Remember, remember the 29th of September The Military Commissions Act, assault on the Bill of Rights by a vile lot; I see no reason why that day of high treason Should … Continue reading

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Top Tier: Ron Paul Raises Most In Iowa GOP Campaign Donations

Steve Watson Prisonplanet.com October 24, 2011 Presidential candidate Ron Paul has once again proved he is a front runner in the race for the GOP nomination, pulling in the most campaign donations from Iowa residents thus far. The Congressman has … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s “Plan To Restore America” Press Conference

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Out of the mouth of babes…..

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RonPaul2012 dot com

We ALL mean it when we say…”WAKE SOME PEOPLE UP!” Again, thank you Silver Shield. We have over 13 months until the 2012 election. I don’t mean to dwell on that matter but it is, I feel, the most important … Continue reading

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GOP Sept 7 debate Poll- Perry’s a THUG

http://tinyurl.com/3osj6ah  Don’t let MainStream TV-Radio-Newspaper talking heads suck your brain into their “talking points”!  Think independent news only, check all sources, follow the $$ trail. Ron Paul 54.6% (98,806 votes) Mitt Romney 15.5% (28,117 votes) Rick Perry 13.1% (23,654 votes) … Continue reading

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…does the world see a Republic of Fools?

The authentication of the quote below has been unsuccessfully attempted by many, you are welcome to try.  The quote has been passing around the internet and seen on conservative and progressive sites in equal numbers.  The importance of knowing how … Continue reading

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Wake UP!.. Wake some people up!!

first things first….you might want to listen to this station of Classic Rock while reading and clicking to the many links of information contained in the PlanetPrisoner Viewpoint and article below: 105.9- Nashville EXCELLENT ARTICLE below shared by Citizen Doctor … Continue reading

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the Sheeple Quiz

(NaturalNews) Have you herd about the Sheeple Quiz? Although most NaturalNews readers will easily beat it, it’s a fun quiz to find out how smart (or gullible) your friends really are. So let ’em take the Sheeple Quiz! And then … Continue reading

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I have noticed Ron Paul appearing on MSM much more than in 2008.  Even Cavuto was speaking praises on air this week.  This may be the “dark horse” year in America.  I speak with others daily about our Liberties, Police … Continue reading

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HR 2438 – American Traveler Dignity Act of 2011

Short and to the point, loaded with Common Sense! HR 2438 IH 112th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 2438 To ensure that certain Federal employees cannot hide behind immunity. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES July 7, 2011 Mr. PAUL introduced … Continue reading

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Ron Paul -thanks YOU

Posted on 23. Feb, 2011 Dr. Paul Thanks Grassroots for President’s Day Money Bomb Today, Congressman Paul issued the following thank you to supporters: “Once again, I have been blown away by the support of so many from across the … Continue reading

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SERPICO surfaces -speaks TRUTH Again

Frank Serpico, who’s 1971 testimony broke down the New York City Police corruption in everything from drugs to murder to prostitution, surfaced today for a stunning interview on the Alex Jones Show out of Austin, TX.  Serpico spoke of today’s … Continue reading

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MainStreamMedia is Disinfo-central

Watching mainstream media, one would think that Rick Perry or even Mitt Romney are candidates of choice of the conservative Americans. LIE – LIE -LIE – LIE Even Jon Stewart knows that an effort is pushing to eliminate ANY conversation … Continue reading

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