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By Chuck Baldwin January 29, 2015 As did millions of other Americans, I went to see the hugely popular Clint Eastwood-directed movie, “American Sniper.” Here are some of my thoughts: No one, at least not me, doubts the patriotism, … Continue reading

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America: “A Parasite On The World”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts American Economist Aug 12, 2011 If Russian prime minister Putin’s recent description of America as “a parasite on the world” were reported by the US media, little doubt that most Americans would be infuriated. We are … Continue reading

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Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion?: Government Gone Wild!

THIS IS MIND BLOWING…….. People!! We MUST keep these facts circulating…..we MUST take ACTION.  The internet is probably going to change soon, as we know it…. we MUST utilize it while we can.

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