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I have noticed Ron Paul appearing on MSM much more than in 2008.  Even Cavuto was speaking praises on air this week.  This may be the “dark horse” year in America.  I speak with others daily about our Liberties, Police … Continue reading

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What if ? …can U listen, closely ?

Ron Paul, addressing the HOUSE.  Please, ..LISTEN TO HIS WORDS, listen to these “ifs”.  ….perpetuating propaganda has NOT been successful for PEACE… policing the world has gained us NOTHING !

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ALERT! FEMA solicitation- New Madrid Fault

Posted on FEMA’s website on January 20, 2011.  Does FEMA know something that we do not?  Why specifically and ONLY for a event within the New Madrid Fault?  Why has this sort of solicitation never been issued prior, say for … Continue reading

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