Ron Paul vs. the Media Industrial Complex

I found this most dedicating of the sort of American who supports Dr Paul.  I repost completely…..and I thank the producer.

Uploaded by on Feb 2, 2012

I’m an active duty aircraft maintainer stationed overseas. I’ve already donated to Ron Paul’s campaign, but wish I could do more. The intention of this video is to pique the curiosity of the viewer. The desired effect is further investigation into Ron Paul and what he stands for. If I can interest people enough to research his philosophy, I believe they’ll fully support his vision. Many of his ideas sound “scary” to the average consumer of mass media, but once people start investigating for themselves they’ll begin to understand the TRUTH.

If you support Ron Paul please like and share this video. Tell an Obama supporter. Tell a friend. Tell someone over the age of 50 who only gets his or her news from the far left/right media.


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One Response to Ron Paul vs. the Media Industrial Complex

  1. Great video! The kids I teach in school are products of the TV land called “intentional ignorance”.

1st Amendment honored here !

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