EARTHSHIP … Garbage Warrior

I watched ‘Collective-Evolution‘ tonight followed by ‘Garbage Warrior‘.  All that I can say at this point is ….that I have been so caught up in hammering at the elitists, learning about chemtrails / aspartame / derivatives / false flags / Morgan / Rothschild and others….. filling my days with trying to stay on top of what they are up to, filling my mind with ways to try to expose them……I have not been able to see the forest because all that I thought I saw was the trees!!!

Earthship Biotecture

The film ‘Garbage Warrior‘ truly awakened my open, resourceful, inventive mind that has truly been dormant.  Since awakening to the TRUTH [2005] my time has been spent keeping up with the evil lurking all around us instead of moving ahead and beyond its control.  Seeing  the documentary film ‘Gargage Warrior’ tonight seems to have taken a burden weighing a ton off of my shoulders.  Having spent a short career in architecture, I gave up because of the bureaucracy involved in trying to develop true design.  I did accomplish building a few designs that were not the norm, but I let the system win and folded just before 911.  I am seeing now, that I have mainly been wandering around with my career and personal life since, without even realizing it.  Michael Reynolds, renegade New Mexico architect, ….I have read your message -Loud and Clear.

I don’t normally get personal on this site…. but seeing both of these films on the same nite has seemed to set a ‘restore point’ in my internal hard drive….  I must think, I must sleep …and I must dream for now.  I have been way too personal on this post…….

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