Justina Pelletier …update

GREAT news for the Pelletier family.

02/28/2014 | 10:48 AM

Mass. agency says it is actively working to return Justina Pelletier to Connecticut

By Patricia Wen / Globe Staff

Massachusetts child protection officials are actively working to return 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, the teenager involved in a year-long custody fight that’s drawn national attention, to her home state of Connecticut, a spokesman for the state Department of Children and Families said Friday in the agency’s first public comment on the case.

“Our primary goal has always been the health and well-being of Justina. We want the parents to be able to work with the providers and courts to ultimately move Justina back to her home state of Connecticut. That is the objective, and is consistent with our previous efforts to find an appropriate placement near her home,” said agency spokesman Alec Loftus.
If she were to live at her family’s home in West Hartford, Conn., child-protection officials in that state, who would likely oversee the case, would likely demand that the girl receive services at home or that she attend a day program.

Justina’s father, Lou Pelletier, reached by phone Friday morning as he was driving to the family’s weekly visit with Justina, said, “Obviously this is a step in the right direction.”

complete story and video here.

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World Slavery ….END IT !!


Let’s be the generation to stand up for the 27 million men, women and children trapped in slavery around the world today. In brothels. In factories. In mines. On street corners. In homes. In the shadows, hidden. Yet out in broad daylight, in plain sight here in America. Stand with us. Raise your voice. Use your influence.

Let’s put the hammer down on those who live to control US.


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IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return

Americans for Tax Reform : IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return.

President Obama’s Internal Revenue Service today quietly released a series of Obama-care “Health Care Tax Tips” warning Americans that they must obtain “qualifying” health insurance – as defined by the federal government – or face a “shared responsibility payment” when filing their tax returns in 2015. The term “shared responsibility payment” refers to the Obama-care individual mandate tax, one of at least seven tax hikes in the healthcare law that directly hit families making less than $250,000 per year.

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Justina Pelletier Now Sent to Foster Care; Now has Legal Defense

Linda Pelletier fainted in the corridor outside the Boston Juvenile Court and was taken away on a stretcher to a local hospital. Her husband, Lou Pelletier, occasionally erupted into angry shouts. Reporters were restricted from the fourth floor of the Brooke Courthouse, where a hearing on Justina’s case was held, but could see the Pelletiers from a fifth-floor balcony across the courthouse atrium.  Department of Children and Families wants to place their teenage daughter in foster care on Boston’s North Shore, according to a minister who represents the family.

According to a report issued by the US Department of Health & Human Services, Children’s Bureau, THEIR OWN STATISTICS show that although the rate is decreasing,  ‘…In 2011 there were approximately 742,000 instances of confirmed child maltreatment‘, while in foster care.

One issue before the judge in today’s hearing was whether Lou Pelletier should be held in contempt of court for violating a gag order. The teen’s father has recently given media interviews in which he expressed frustration with the quality of care his daughter is getting while in DCF custody, care that he has asserted has been nearly fatal for her.

The Pelletiers’ primary attorney declined comment, citing the gag order.  Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, a conservative nonprofit legal group, said he now represents the Pelletiers in their effort to end the gag order imposed by the judge. He said the DCF was given two days to tell the judge whether they oppose allowing Staver to enter the case.  ….story posted @ boston.com

One year after Justina Pelletier was locked into a psychiatric ward at Boston Children’s Hospital, doctors, lawyers, and family members are still struggling to answer the question—is this teenager really in pain?      WWW.FREEJUSTINA.com

other stories across the nation regarding Justina:

  • Liberty Counsel Fights for Pelletier Family – Teen Daughter Being Held by State
    Feb 24, 2014
    Today Matt Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, is appearing before the Suffolk County Juvenile Court to defend a family against abuse by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families…The Kelly File tonight to watch Liberty Counsel’s Founder and Chairman, Mathew Staver. He is the scheduled guest of Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel and will discuss the heart-wrenching story of Justina Pelletier, who was taken from her parents and is currently being denied medical treatment.
  •  a picture of Linda being attended to by paramedics. Brewer also tweeted a picture of her being taken away in an ambulance:  Linda Pelletier, the mother of Justine, passed out in court after they Ordered her to a nonmedical facility. pic.twitter.com/cZawNLn10C
  • We won’t give up on Justina and her family. But this has to stop and cannot happen to some other family in the future. Enough is enough. –Huffington Post
  • “We never got anything in writing,” said Lou Pelletier, a financial planner and father of four girls. “While all the security guards were showing up, we actually called 911 and said our daughter had been kidnapped by Boston Children’s Hospital.” –ABC News
  • The father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier faces court on Monday, after the Massachusetts Department of Children and Family filed a contempt of court complaint against him for violating a gag order. –NewsMax.com
  • “My understanding is that Justina is being moved to foster care and they are outraged by that,” he said. “There is no medical care there.”  Great video coverage out of Hartford Courant Tribune Newspaper website, Hartford, CT.
  • PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT JUSTINA. This could happen to ANY child in America.  FreeJustina.com
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Free Justina Pelletier NOW !

Unbelievable abduction

15 year old Justina went to Boston Children’s Hospital to be treated for the flu and 10 months later she is still in the hospital. Her parents were escorted out of the hospital because they disagreed with the diagnosis. You see Justina has Mitrochondria but Children’s Hospital says that her problem is psychological which is in direct opposition with her doctor from Tufts Medical Center. They refused to let her parents take her to any other hospital. In the meantime, they are using her as a guinea pig and filling her with drugs. Justina‘s health has now deteriorated. She cannot walk but must be in a wheelchair.

After breaking a gag order and speaking to Glenn and TheBlaze on Monday, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) filed for Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who is being held against her parents’ will, to be held in contempt of court, a family source told TheBlaze.
Here is a video of the story.


“I will tell you that in a meeting I had this morning, I said: I don’t care if only four people read the story. I want this to be the lead story on TheBlaze from hereon out.” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Find every reason to talk about it. Turn over every stone. Show me everything that people can do and are doing. Put it in there. I don’t care if nobody’s reading the story. This is the most important story to me because you have a chance. You have the opportunity to save a woman’s life.”

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Chemtrails update: Nashville, TN

Here are some recent pics of the skies in Nashville.

There is a great video on YouTube titled: What in the World are They Spraying! …we ARE under an environmental / social attack.  Our air, water, food, school books, news streams….are all polluted.  Agenda 21 and the Trans-Pacific Partnership are main culprits in this global attack upon the citizens of our planet.

WAKE PEOPLE UP !!  -spread the word- -gain information- -share information on social media- -shop LOCAL- -get healthy- -stock up- -home school-

NorthEast Nashville- February 18, 2014

NorthEast Nashville- February 18, 2014

Nashville Chemtrails Feb 18, 2014

Nashville Chemtrails
Feb 18, 2014

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Justin Bieber arrested top story from MSM, Meanwhile Muslim caught in pipe at NJ water treatment plant and Media silent

Justin Bieber arrested top story from MSM, Meanwhile Muslim caught in pipe at NJ water treatment plant and Media silent.

Justin Bieber arrested top story from MSM, Meanwhile Muslim caught in pipe at NJ water treatment plant and Media silent

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State of the Union…..’where’s my boots?

Here is what John Galt had to say about tonight’s dog and pony show from the beltway.


We need a Patton to lead the troops into the beltway and throw the bums out!

We need a Patton to lead the troops into the beltway and throw the bums out!

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if Nelson Mandela said this, then….why?


….Then why has the US media and regime made this man to become such a man of ‘peace’ ?


This WAS spoken of Nelson Mandela.  thePlanetPrisoner does recognize that Mandela had spent life in solitude and imprisonment…for his actions and beliefs, unknowing to all about just exactly what type of brainwashing happened to Mandela during this time….  BUT his actions and beliefs before imprisonment were extremely violent regarding true freedom.  Have we forgotten the 1986 practice of Winnie Mandela of  ‘Necklacing’ or ‘Horse-collaring”…here is here quote: “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country”!!.   WTF?? Nelson Mandela supported this practice which happened over and over again.  After decades in captivity, most in solitude….just exactly what WOULD happen to one’s mind….?

My friends….we MUST understand that we are being given a ‘line of bull’.  I do submit that atrocities were committed in Rwanda, which was Mandela’s cry in 1994, but that cry was a bit late in crying.  …and thePlanetPrisoner also recognizes that the US government simply walked away from the atrocities which occurred in Rwanda….and I pray for this country [USA] for doing literally nothing.  But what would one expect of a country which, itself, committed a ‘Massacre at Wounded KneeWoundedKnee1 and a

Massacre at WACO‘…….



WE MUST ARRIVE TO A PEACE IN 2014…..or we shall understand that we have  fallen into the demise that has seemed to be predestined in HIS word.  I truly think that America IS the new Babylon.  May God have mercy upon our world leaders, and may it be HIS will to open the minds and eyes of the citizens of the World…. leading us into an understanding of what is happening NOW, and a realization that it is nothing more than what has been happening since the day that Christ challenged the moneychangers [bankers of the time] and within 2 weeks…HE was hammered onto the boards that were jammed into a hole in the ground

Damn the Bankers

Damn the Bankers

…..upon the hill.   ….so help us God…I pray.


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is this any reason to kill govenment agents?

Come on People…….!! WAKE UP !!

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Newsbytes: Ship Of Fools Rescued At Last

Watts Up With That?

 An Icy Blast Of Scepticism Greets Climate Expedition

Rescuers in Antarctica have safely transferred all 52 passengers stranded on the ice-bound research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy. The Shokalskiy has been trapped since Christmas Eve. Its 22 crew are expected to remain on board to wait until the vessel becomes free. The ice-bound research vessel has been trapped since Christmas Eve. One of the aims is to track how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice is disappearing. —BBC News, 2 January 2014

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New York Gets The Communist Leader It Deserves

U.S. Constitutional Free Press

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

New York welcomes their communist Mayor amid gleeful populist adulation and a “controlled” celebration. Welcome to full-blown, unmasked communism in the Big Apple – red, juicy and rotten to its Progressive core. Hundreds lined up to glimpse their Dear Leader. They braved the elements for hours to just catch a glimpse of their anointed one. Congrats New York… enjoy surfing the spiral down into abject chaos and misery. You’ve earned it.
Could the fawning and fake accolades get any deeper or crappier? Let’s see, shall we?

Read More: http://www.trevorloudon.com/2014/01/new-york-gets-the-communist-leader-it-deserves/

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It’s Time For A Divorce And To Separate Ourselves From Federal Tyranny


Sword At-The-Ready


What’s left of liberty in America faces a choice: subjugation to Collectivist tyranny, bloodshed in resistance, or going our separate ways.

The time has come for a divorce from Ruling Class Collectivism and tyranny.  You will hear the argument that this was tried before and is a non-starter.  Well, refusing to consider a divorce means you agree to be subjugated, abused, raped, pillaged and every aspect of your life regulated by MarxoFascist government.

Walter E. Williams has an excellent argument about why separation is necessary.  Where I disagree with his assessment is the historical fact that NO TYRANNY EVER ALLOWS THEIR PEOPLE A SEPARATION.  Never.  Not without massive bloodshed in the all-out effort to eliminate and destroy those who want to escape government tyranny and live in peace.  The DHS stockpiling 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition, staging thousands of MRAPS and armed APCS throughout the country might indicate that…

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King of Kings (1961 film) – EPIC

King of Kings (1961 film) – Wiki.

Simply EPIC…

“Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito” -Virgil
“Ipsa scientia potestas est”

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Russel Means –

5/2/2013 4:08:10 PM


By NAMA Hall of Fame
Censored News
Niagara Falls, NY – The 14th Annual Native American Music Awards will be inducting the late American Indian activist, actor, and musician, Russell Means, into the NAMA Hall of Fame on May 10, 2013 at the Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino in Niagara Falls, New York.

Means entered the entertainment business in both film and music to try to change bonfire6 mainstream attitudes toward American Indians. His recordings contained songs entitled, “Nuclear World”, “Paha Sapa”, “Wounded Knee Set Us Free”, “Chief Joseph”, “Consipiracy To Be Free” and more. These recordings preserve the life and legacy of Russell Means through music and spoken word and are a reminder of his courage, inspiration and teachings now left behind for us.

His wife Pearl Means will be present to receive the Hall of Fame Induction. A musical WoundedKnee1 tribute, accompanied by images of Means throughout his life, will be performed by Native American Music Award winner CC Murdock. CC Murdock, who won Best Country Recording in 2011, will be performing the song, Go Rest High On That Mountain. During his final journey, the ashes of Russell Means were spread at Yellow Thunder Camp in the Black Hills.

Spread the "V"

Copies of Russell Means’ CD recordings will be available at the 14th Annual Native American Music Awards and at: http://www.russellmeans.com

511 Avenue of the Americas Suite 371 New York NY 10011

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